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Introduction to Toxicology

Elective Description

Students will work alongside the toxicology resident/fellow on call. When there is a consultation from the Emergency Department, the resident/fellow will notify the student, who will have the responsibility of writing the consult. Student will then discuss the case with the fellow, and make treatment recommendations. 


  1. To identify and treat the major toxidromes
  2. The assessment and management of metabolic acidosis
  3. To identify non-clinical patterns of toxicologic illness (e.g., ECG findings consistent with ingested intoxicants)
  4. To learn the management of acetaminophen poisoning
  5. To learn the management of aspirin toxicity
  6. To learn the management of tricyclic antidepressant poisoning

Location: UMMHC - University Campus

Contact Information: Jeffery Lai, MD