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Why UMass EM?

 Silva resident testimonial.png

Ryan Silva, PGY1:

I chose UMass because it aligned best with my interests and wants when it came to a residency program. The opportunity to train in Emergency Medicine at an academic Level 1 Trauma Center in the second largest city in New England seemed invaluable, especially as someone who was born and raised in New England. It also became evident that residents at UMass are exposed early and often to the management of high acuity level patients and complex procedures, which I especially appreciated. I was additionally drawn to the number of EM fellowship programs at UMass, and the resultant opportunity to garner exposure and expertise from the various fellowship-trained faculty. Everyone I met along the interview trail, from administration to program leadership to the current residents, were extremely friendly and supportive, and I knew they were the people for me. Finally, where else can you find a residency program that sends you to Hawaii for a month? What's better than that?

 jasmine gale.png

Jasmine Gale, PGY3:

I chose UMass because I wanted to be able to handle anything that walks through the door. From day 1, interns see the sickest patients and perform emergent procedures: there is no graduated responsibility. At the same time, the Attendings and senior residents have your back and create an excellent balance between supervision and independence. As a Level 1 Trauma Center and catchment area, UMass has extremely high acuity, and senior doctors go out of their way to involve interns in critically ill cases. I could also rave about the diversity in both the patient population and medical pathology all day, but my absolute favorite part of UMass is the resident culture. We take every opportunity to hang out with each other both within our class and between classes. The support and camaraderie among co-residents is paramount, and I feel lucky to be part of the UMass family.
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Monique Arvisais-Anhalt, PGY3:

Coming to UMass Chan was one of the best decisions I’ve made in life. The Emergency Medicine residency program had me hitting the ground running, allowing me to see the sickest patients on day 1 as an intern. The attendings are down to earth and put a premium on teaching; and the nurses, techs, pharmacists, and respiratory therapists are right there in the trenches with us, excellent at what they do and dedicated to patient care. As a senior resident, I know that UMass Chan will make me to be the best clinician I can be and support me each step of the way.