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Interview Information

What to expect for your day:

Arrive at the designated time and enjoy a light breakfast.  Prior to the interveiws, there will be a couple of presentations by the Program Director and Chief Resident, followed by the faculty interviews and/or conferences.  After all of the interviews, you will have lunch with residents.  Following lunch, you will be provided with information about Worcester and then conclude your day with a tour of the ED.  Your day should wrap up no later than 2:30 pm. 

Hotel Information: Click Here

Transportation Options: Click Here

Campus Map: Click Here

Directions to UMass - University Campus: Click Here

Directions to the Emergency Department: Click Here

Parking:  We suggest you park in the South Street Garage - across from the Main ED entrance.  Please bring your parking ticket with you and we will validate it for you so there is no charge.

Information about Worcester: Click Here

Apartment Listing: Click Here

Residency Information

GME Brochure: Click Here

For any additional questions please contact our Residency Coordinator:

Jeannine Bottis
P - 508-421-1439
F - 508-421-1490

Frequently Asked Questions

By time of application, do you need me to have my ECMFG certificate in hand?

By time of application, do I need to have Step 2 CS in hand?

What is your program application deadline?
November 15th.

Do you have a year since graduation cutoff?

USMLE Step 1 minimum scores?  Is there an attempt limit?
No, we consider all scores.

USMLE Step 2CK minimum scores?  Is there an attempt limit?
No, we consider all scores.

Is there an attempt limit on Step 2 CS?
First attempt.

Is US Clinical experience required? If yes, how long?

Do you sponsor H1 visa?

Do you accept J1 visa?

How many total residents are in your program?

What is the number of International Medical Graduates in your program?
Please see the resident listing on our website.