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Why UMass?

What is it like to be a resident in the Emergency Medicine Department at UMass Chan Medical School?


"Why UMass EM? From day 1 as an intern you get to care for the most critical patients in the department. Incredible faculty that value teaching during every shift, amazing down-to-earth (and just right amount of nerdy) co-residents who like to work hard but also value their time out of the department. Excellent team of dedicated nursing, tech, pharmacy, and respiratory therapist staff who are there to support you with patient care. Opportunities to gain exposure to EM fields such as ultrasound, toxicology, EMS/disaster, and research throughout your time here. Also, Worcester has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor activities and restaurants in the area and you’re close to Boston, and RI beaches if you need to get away as well. So why not UMass EM?"

- Andrew Kamilaris, PGY-1 Resident

"Having attended medical school at UMass, I knew how well the program was regarded within the hospital and was continually impressed by how skilled and knowledgable the residents were.  What has been the best aspect of becoming a resident here is how supportive the residency leadership has been.  Drs. Bird, Church, and Patel are incredible to work with and are fully committed to our development as outstanding physicians.  A unique feature of our program is the ability to pursue your own interests, whether it be toxicology with our numerous fellowship trained faculty, research with our dedicated staff and formidable NIH funding, ultrasound, EMS, pediatric EM, teaching, or countless other opportunities.  Beyond the program itself, Worcester is a thriving city and ours is the only EM residency for central Massachusetts, so the opportunity to care for the entire spectrum of critically ill children and adults is humbling and motivating."  

- Jeffrey Brady, PGY-1 Resident

"When first looking at UMass, I remember that I was immediately impressed by the involvement of the faculty physicians and the confidence of the residents. As a PGY-1, you are directly caring for sick patients and performing life-saving procedures. There is also a terrific support system of residents, fellows and attendings that are engaged at every level in the residency, both on-shift and socially. Working at UMass this year has been a phenomenal experience; it is an incredibly exciting ED and it challenges you to grow as a resident on every shift."

- Stephen Allegra, PGY-1 Resident



"UMass is my home; I've been on this campus for about 8 years now. I started out doing research, and then went to medical school here. When looking for a residency, I tried to keep an open mind when I was out on the road looking at other programs. At the end of the day, the decision to stay for residency was a clear and easy choice. The training here is intense; there is no stratification of acuity based on your PGY level. Your first patient might be the sickest person in the department, which allows you to become comfortable managing sick patients fast. The two most important aspects to residency training are high-acuity patients and patient volume; we have both in spades. Residency is not suppose to be easy, but the support that our ED offers - from attendings and co-residents, to nurses and ancillary staff, as well as the residency program staff - makes the whole process much more smooth and bearable than I had imagined prior to residency. That support is especially strong amongst the residents here - our culture is such that residents from all three years are constantly talking, texting, and going out together away from the hospital. Most days you can find someone to go out to dinner or go out on a hike with, but even more importantly there is ALWAYS someone available to listen to you and lift you up when you're having a bad day. Like I said - UMass is my home, and the people here are my family."

- Andrew Dowd, PGY-2 Resident


"I can tell you with certainty that my choice to train here at UMass was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  The education is second to none.  What sets UMass apart is the bond you make with residents standing beside  you.  They will be there for you in the best, but more importantly, in the worst shifts you ever have. They were for me. They've got my back, and I've got theirs.  The friendships built here will be ones that I keep for the rest of my life."

- Michael Hill, PGY-3 Resident