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Diversity, Representation, and Inclusion for Value in Education
A GSBS, GSN, SOM, GME, CME, DIO, LSL, and OFA collaboration

Membership List 

The goals of DRIVE are:

  • To promote a representative and bias-free curriculum across our learning environments
  • To enhance the accuracy, representation, and inclusion of diverse populations in all our educational activities

Want to learn more? Follow the links below to view: 

  • A brief introduction to the DRIVE Initiative, click here. 
  • The Curriculum Appraisal Tool, click here  
  • Interactive Library Guide with expanded appraisal tools and linked resources, click here
  • Download sample disclosure slide for inclusion and presentations, click here 
  • Zoom recording of the faculty development workshop, click here
  • Extensive self-education resource collection cured by Yale medical library, click here 



Melissa Fischer, MD, MEd
Associate Dean for Undergraduate
Medical Education 

Gail March Cohen, PhD, MFA
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate
Medical Education