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Diversity, equity and inclusion workshops

UMass Chan Medical School is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable learning and work environment. The Diversity and Inclusion Office's training program includes high impact diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) workshops that utilize innovative instructional design to support DEI professional development and capacity building efforts across UMass Chan Medical School.

Foundations workshops

Creating an inclusive environment at UMass Chan Medical School is everybody’s responsibility. The foundations workshops are intended for staff, faculty, and learners of all levels to provide a foundation in DEI to support more advanced skill building.

Inclusive communication: The language of belonging (1 hour)
In this interactive virtual workshop, participants will review common terminology and concepts used in diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and examine how they can promote inclusion and belonging through intentional language and communication. 

Addressing unconscious bias at UMass Chan (1 hour)
In this interactive virtual workshop, participants will explore how unconscious bias impacts relationships, decision making and experiences​. By the end of the workshop, participants will identify strategies to mitigate biases in their interactions, increase self-awareness, and foster inclusive practices at UMass Chan.

Navigating microaggressions: How to be an upstander (1 hour)
In this interactive virtual workshop, participants will define microaggressions and their impact, the nuances and complexities of intervention as an upstander, and how to support learners and colleagues through experiences of discrimination and marginalization.

Inclusive leadership: Leading with intention (1 hour)

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to differentiate traditional leadership from inclusive leadership, and create spaces that are rooted in fairness, respect and celebrate differences. Through discussion and individual reflection, participants will hone their leadership skills and learn how to apply new frameworks to inspire others and create an inclusive culture at UMass Chan Medical School.

Advanced workshops and trainings

The Diversity and Inclusion Office continues to develop advanced DEI workshops and training to provide ongoing professional development opportunities. More information will be announced.