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2023 Diversity Summit

The 2023 Diversity Summit provides a forum to celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion and to build community and advance diversity together.

Developing and enhancing DEI initiatives through a diversity and equity action plan 
This session will guide participants through the process of developing a departmental diversity and equity action plan using a strengths-based approach. Participants will not only identify areas for improvement but also harness existing strengths within their department to drive meaningful change.

Restorative justice 
Restorative justice is a way to prevent or respond to harm or an incident in a community with an emphasis on healing, social support, and active accountability. Restorative justice includes a variety of practices, with many rooted in indigenous traditions. Some practices help prevent harm by helping people build relationships and strengthen communities. Other practices respond to harm by helping to clearly identify harms, needs and solutions through an inclusive and collaborative decision-making process. This discussion will focus primarily on community building at UMass Chan.

Diversity Engagement Survey: Developing community based solutions  
This interactive session will offer an in-depth exploration of UMass Chan's 2023 campus climate survey: the Diversity Engagement Survey. Participants will engage in action-oriented discussion and work collaboratively to develop community-informed, actionable strategies.

Creating a sense of belonging in the workplace  
A sense of belonging is essential for employee satisfaction, engagement, high performance and organizational success. This session will explore how ForHealth Consulting at UMass Chan Medical School approached the branding process to articulate its core principles and to foster a more inclusive workplace that advances its shared mission to improve the health care experience.

Diversity Summit documents

Diversity and Inclusion 2023 Annual Report
DES - Developing Community Based Solutions
Office of Health Equity - Diverse Faculty Recruitment