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Emerging Professionals Summer Internship Program

Current Internship Opportunities:

  1. Go directly to the job you are interested in by clicking one of the links listed below.
  2. Review the descriptions and follow the prompts to fill out our online application. 
  3. IMPORTANT YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED WITHOUT AN ESSAY: Complete the online application and include a short essay either in the "resume" field (the resume and essay should be uploaded as one document) or uploaded as a cover letter on your profile. Please choose from ONE of the essay topics below (Please include within your essay, examples from personal experience, observation, research, and or scholarship. The essay should be succinct and be your original work. It should also reflect an excellent command of English grammar, style and syntax. Maximum length 200 words.):

ESSAY QUESTIONS: Please respond to one of the questions below:

  1. What does it mean to you to be effective in an environment that values diversity, equity and inclusion?
  2. In what ways has diversity, equity and inclusion shown up in your commitment to service at the national, regional, local, and/or institutional levels?
  3. In what ways have you integrated diversity, equity and inclusion as part of your professional and personal development? And how have these engagements informed your approach to being a better scholar and professional?

2024 Internship Opportunities 

Admissions Office Intern

Job Number: 2024-45435

Department: Admissions Office


Communications and Marketing Intern

Job Number: 2024-45403

Department: Office of Communications


Community and Government Relations Summer Intern 

Job Number: 2024-45498

Department: Community and Government Relations


Data Storage Intern

Job Number: 2024-45519 

Department: Information Technology


Digital Solutions Intern

Job Number: 2024-45444 
Department: ForHealth Consulting - Digital Transformation Solutions


Diversity and Inclusion Intern

Job Number: 2024-45406
Department: School - Diversity & Inclusion


Family Medicine & Community Health Program Assistant Intern

Job Number 2024-45739

Department: Family Medicine & Community Health

Office of Well-Being Program Assistant Intern

Job Number: 2024-45692
Department: School - Employee Assistance Program


Scientific Marketing, Web Design, and Communication Intern

Job Number: 2024-45446
Department: School - RNA Therapeutics Institute


Sustainability Intern

Job Number: 2024-45405
Department: School - Office of Research


Modern Workplace Collaboration Intern

Job Number: 2024-45520
Department: School - Information Technology


Training & Workforce Development Intern

Job Number: 2024-45434
Department: ForHealth Consulting - Training & Workforce Development


Work Without Limits Intern

Job Number: 2024-45445
Department: ForHealth Consulting - Work Without Limits 

Office of Advancement Intern

Job Number: 2024-45445
Department: School - Adv-Advancement Services - Giving 

Thank you for your interest in the EPSIP program! Applications are considered on a first come first served basis.

All applications will be processed through our Human Resources Application Portal. You will need to create a profile, then apply for you preferred position (s). Your application will be processed as soon as it is submitted. We will interview on a rolling basis until the position is filled. This means there are no application deadlines. If you have any trouble with the online submission of your application or essay, you may contact