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Connective Issues: A UMass Chan diversity and inclusion blog

Connective Issues:

A UMass Chan diversity and inclusion blog 

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    Committee on Equal Opportunity and Diversity focused on advocacy, education and service

    The Committee on Equal Opportunity and Diversity (CEOD) at UMass Chan Medical School was formed to ensure everyone in the Medical School community feels seen and heard and has access to opportunities that make them feel a part of the work to create a more diverse, equitable, inclusive and just organization.

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  • NAheritage.png

    UMass Chan partners with indigenous neighbors on health equity

    Native American Heritage Month calls us to pause and celebrate indigenous peoples of the past and present and to reflect upon and recommit to the promises we have made to restore right relationships with tribal nations.

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    Campus community plays integral role in meeting diversity, equity and inclusion goals

    While the Diversity and Inclusion Office team takes responsibility in guiding the work, diversity, equity and inclusion work itself is a collective responsibility.

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  • Image graphic for Juneteenth celebration on June 19, 2022.

    Juneteenth holiday an opportunity to learn about African American history

    Juneteenth is being embraced by organizations, municipalities and institutions, which are holding celebrations and providing how to guides for observing the day. As with many holidays that tend to lose their meaning when they become part of mainstream culture, the onus is on all of us to honor Juneteenth by developing a collective awareness of what they mean and by being intentional about the ways we celebrate.

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    Understanding the need for equity and inclusion in medicine for Asian American and Pacific Islander communities

    The first recorded history of Asian immigration to North America was of Filipinos escaping forced labor and enslavement in the 16th century. The 1850s saw a subsequent wave as Asian immigrants provided labor for the California gold rush and the transcontinental railroad. As low wages and economic troubles plagued Americans, blame was placed on the Chinese and led to the “yellow peril” trope and the passing of the Chinese Exclusion Act that placed a 21-year immigration ban on the Chinese.

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  • anti-racist-strong-hands-660.jpg

    Defining the term ‘anti-racism’ and what it means at UMass Chan

    A collective understanding of racism is crucial to work towards antiracism and because racism is systemic, our anti-racist work must also be systemic.

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  • DIO-CEOD-Blog-2-660.jpg

    Committee on Equal Opportunity and Diversity to focus on advocacy, service and education at UMass Chan

    The CEOD will now operate with three subcommittees. The advocacy group will advocate for the needs of those with marginalized identities; the service group will provide opportunities for members of the UMass Chan community to serve, engage and collaborate with community partners; and the education group will enhance awareness and understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

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  • DIO-student-orientation-660.jpg

    Black History Month and the power of collective agency

    Black History Month was built on the foundation of movements that sought to address racism at its root, with institutions such as universities and faith communities serving as training grounds to prepare active participants for social justice leadership. Today, as we too are anchored in the great gains of the civil rights movement and inspired by the social justice movements of our time, we ought to celebrate the commitments we have made. But if our celebrations do not beckon us to stay on course, recognizing that we have much more work to do, they are aimless.

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