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Dermatology Rotations

All dermatology residents are based at the Hahnemann Campus and the University Campus for all 3 years. The academic offices are located at the Hahnemann Campus along with  medical and surgical clinics. Most pediatric and multispecialty clinics are held at the ACC Building at the University Campus. Most medical, pediatric, and outpatient surgery clinics are continuity clinics that continue for the three years of residency rather than on a rotational basis.
See sample schedules:


Each resident has a one month rotation in dermatopathology each year. During this rotation, the resident spends every morning signing out slides with the dermatopathologists in the Pathology Department located in Biotech 3.

Genetics Dermatology Combined Clinic

Residents have the opportunity to diagnose and manage interesting patients with a variety of genodermatoses in this clinic which is conducted once every 2 months. First, second, and third year residents participate on a rotating basis. This clinic is staffed by pediatric dermatologists and geneticists at UMass, allowing for great collaboration between the two divisions. In addition, there are various genodermatoses lectures given to the residents prior to each of these clinics.

Mohs Surgery Clinic

Each 3rd year dermatology resident spends 1 clinic per week assisting in Mohs surgery for most of the year. This is an opportunity to hone more advanced surgical techniques with one of our dermatologic surgeons, including Dr. Mary Maloney and Dr. Dori Goldberg.

Laser Clinics

Each second year resident attends 4 months of twice monthly pediatric laser sedation clinics with Dr. Karen Wiss. During the 3rd year, each resident spends one clinic per week with Dr. Mark Scharf in adult laser clinic for about 6 months of the year. There is ample opportunity for hands on experience with VBeam, Carbon dioxide, long pulsed YAG, Q switched ruby, and Neodynium YAG lasers.

Epidermolysis Bullosa Clinic

Each 2nd year resident spends 2 clinics per month for 4 months of the year in the EB clinic at the Hahnemann campus. This evolving multidisciplinary clinic manages approximately 50 patients with epidermolysis bullosa.

Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic

The chief residents participate in once weekly clinics at Hahnemann for eight months of the year, performing botulinum toxin injections, superficial chemical peels, dermabrasion and fillers.