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Specialty Clinics

Residents rotate through a variety of specialty clinics with experts in these areas:

Connective Tissue Disease Clinic 
Under the direction of Dr. Rashighi, each resident spends one half day per week for six months in the Connective Tissue Disease Clinic. While many patients with cutaneous lupus, morphea, dermatomyositis and related conditions may be managed in regular medical and pediatric dermatology clinics, this clinic provides an opportunity to diagnose and manage some more complex patients with these conditions.

Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic
The chief residents participate in once weekly cosmetic clinics with Dr. Goldberg, Dr. Michelon and Dr. McLean at the Hahnemann Campus for performing botulinum toxin injections, superficial chemical peels, dermabrasion and fillers. We also hold special evening teaching clinics for more hands-on exposure.

Epidermolysis Bullosa Clinic 
Each second year resident spends two clinics per month for four months of the year in the EB clinic at the Hahnemann Campus. This evolving multidisciplinary clinic manages approximately 80 patients with epidermolysis bullosa. There is regular participation from pediatric gastroenterology, nutrition and ophthalmology.

Genetics Dermatology Combined Clinic
Residents diagnose and manage interesting patients with a variety of genodermatoses in this clinic which is conducted once every two months. First, second and third year residents participate on a rotating basis. This clinic is staffed by pediatric dermatologists (Dr. Belazarian and Dr. Wiss) and geneticists (Dr. Hay and Dr. Lyon) at UMass, allowing for great collaboration between the two departments. In addition, lectures on genetic skin disease are given to all of the residents prior to each of these clinics.

Laser Clinics 
During the third year, each resident spends one clinic per week with Dr. Scharf in his adult laser clinic for about six months of the year. There is ample opportunity for hands on experience with VBeam, Sciton, long pulsed YAG, long pulsed Alexandrite, Q switched ruby and Q switched Neo-dynium YAG lasers. Residents also spend some time with Dr. Wiss in their second and third years in pediatric laser clinics. Residents become comfortable with the hands-on use of the various lasers by the time they finish residency.

Mohs Surgery Clinic 
Each second year dermatology resident spends one half day per week for six months of the year assisting in Mohs surgery. This is an opportunity to hone more advanced surgical techniques with one of our dermatologic surgeons, including Dr. Maloney and Dr. Goldberg.

Nail Clinic
Under the direction of fellowship trained Mohs surgeon and nail expert, Dr. Baltz, chief residents participate in about eight nail clinics during residency in which they diagnose and treat disorders of the nail unit.  This includes medical disease of the nail and surgical procedures as indicated to diagnose and treat.

Vitiligo Clinic
UMass Chan receives referrals from far distances for patients who want to be seen by specialists in the Vitiligo Clinic and Research Center under the direction of Dr. Harris. We offer a treatment called MKTP which is only offered at a few centers around the world. Each resident spends about six months during residency in a half day vitiligo clinic.