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Meet the Residents

Three residents are accepted yearly through the NRMP. We accept residency applicants via ERAS only.

Chief Residents

  • Rebecca Droms

    Rebecca Droms, MD


    College: Tufts University
    Medical School: University of Massachusetts
    Hometown: Westford, MA

     Becca grew up in Westford, MA and attended Tufts University where she studied child development and psychology. After graduation, she decided to pursue a career in medicine, and completed her premedical studies while working as a clinical research assistant at MGH on a project exploring the genetic basis of autism. During the year prior to medical school, she moved to NYC to be near her then-boyfriend (now husband) and worked as a scribe in a pediatric ophthalmology practice, before returning together to their native state of Massachusetts for Becca to attend UMass Chan Medical School. During her third year, she discovered that dermatology was the perfect fit for her, with its wide range of opportunities from complex medical dermatology to surgical procedures and the chance to care for patients of all ages. After completing her intern year at Cambridge Health Alliance, she was thrilled to return to UMass for residency where she has especially enjoyed her training in pediatric and procedural dermatology. Becca spends most of her time outside of dermatology chasing after her two young children, ages 2 and 1, and her goldendoodle (Bo) with her husband and nearby family. When she has the chance, she loves doing barre and yoga classes, playing tennis, and catching up on her favorite Bravo shows.

  • Wei-Che Ko

    Wei-Che Ko, MD


    College: Tufts University
    Medical School: University of Massachusetts 
    Hometown: Needham, MA

    Wei hails from Needham, MA, and after graduation from Tufts University for undergrad, he stayed in the area to attend medical school at UMass. He has a deep appreciation for the focus on the human aspect of medicine, which is so central to the core values of UMass. Wei has a background in biomedical engineering and computational science and is excited to meld that with dermatology to advance scientific understanding of skin diseases and to translate that to clinical care. Outside of the hospital, he enjoys the easy accessibility to the mountains and the rail trails in Central Mass. With interest in all things coffee, he has been known to bring a camping-style French press and hand-crank grinder to the wilderness (that is, the UMass Chan campus, ha!) so that freshly brewed coffee is always within arm's reach. He is on an investigational track (2 + 2) in our dermatology residency and will be continuing on as a postdoc to study inflammatory skin diseases using single-cell RNA sequencing techniques.

  • Gregory Orlowski

    Gregory Orlowski, MD, PhD


    College: University of Maryland, College Park
    Medical School: University of Massachusetts
    Hometown: North Reading, MA 

    Greg grew up in North Reading, MA. He is the son of a gifted Boston-born schoolteacher (his mother) who comes from a family of teachers. His father was an immigrant who raised 6 younger siblings after his father passed when he was a teenager and who grew up to become a contract engineer for NASA, designing key components of the Hubble & James Webb Space Telescopes. But, Greg’s older sister, who taught him to swim, explore and everything else, was his biggest early influence. Therefore, it is no surprise that Greg grew up with a love for learning and a passion for scientific exploration. Up until/through high school, he played competitive baseball, golf, soccer, basketball, and tennis; do not play him in ping pong unless you like losing; he also pursues a lifelong avid interest in martial arts. He is a musician (guitar +/-drums) and amateur stand-up comedian (having made 1 or 2 people laugh at venues in Boston and San Fran). Greg went to undergrad at the Univ. of MD, College Park, to be closer to his father, studying Gen. Biology whilst interning at the FDA, and later conducted research on B cell biology at UMD whilst volunteering as a certified firefighter and EMT. He earned his MD and PhD (in innate immunity) at UMass Chan Medical School and is now an aspiring physician-scientist in dermatology. He also loves animals and has a cat. His greatest supporter and closest friend is his PhD wife, who runs her own immunology lab at Tufts Med Center. His greatest accomplishments are his two daughters, ages 4 years and 7 months.

Second Year Residents

  • Zainab Abbas

    Zainab Abbas, MD


    College: Aga Khan University Medical College, Pakistan
    Medical School: Aga Khan University of Medical College 
    Hometown: Pakistan

    Zainab was born and raised in Pakistan. After graduating from Aga Khan Medical School, she moved to the U.S. for an internal medicine residency. She was always amazed at how the skin contributes so much to a patient’s physical and psychological well being. A career in dermatology offered the perfect combination: she could indulge her love for procedures, while simultaneously enjoying the complex problem-solving nature of medicine. After making what turned out to be an easy decision to switch careers to dermatology, she did a rotation in the dermatology Department at Henry Ford Hospital. This opportunity motivated her to pursue a career in dermatology research and she joined as a clinical trialist at UMass Chan Medical School and served as a principal investigator and sub investigator in many clinical trials in th department. Her long-term goal is to study autoimmune skin diseases and play the important role of translational and clinical scientist that brings early stage clinical trials directly to patients. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her husband, enjoying long drives and listening to music. Together they have a passion for an active lifestyle and are always looking to explore the hiking trails of New England.

  • Vijaya Daniel

    Vijaya Daniel, MD


    College: Brown University
    Graduate School: Harvard School of Public Health
    Medical School: Boston University 
    Hometown: Augusta, GA

    Viji was born and raised in Augusta, Ga., the home of the Masters Golf Tournament. Although she moved from the south when she was 18 years old, she cannot let go of her love for drinking her sweet tea and saying “y’all” whenever possible. She attended Brown University and concentrated in psychology. Following graduation, she worked at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) involved in prevention and HIV clinical research. She then realized it was too hard to be away from New England, and attended medical school at Boston University. During medical school, she obtained her Master of Public Health degree at Harvard School of Public Health. After completing two years of general surgery clinical training and 2 years of NIH-funded surgical outcomes research as part of the general surgery residency program at UMass, she decided to switch to dermatology. She was excited about the diversity of dermatologic diseases and surgical procedures one encounters daily and the ability to be involved in both prevention and treatment of skin cancers. She is so excited to be part of the UMass Dermatology family!  Her academic goals include becoming a dermatologic surgeon with a research focus on surgical and epidemiological outcomes. Outside of work, you can find her dancing her heart out either at Zumba or with her husband and 3 year old daughter (and rest of family), travelling (visited 6 of 7 continents…can’t wait to cross Antarctica off the list!), trying new restaurants/rooftop bars/vineyards both locally and abroad, and convincing herself  that she is  actually an event/party planner.

  • Isabella Plumptre

    Isabella Plumptre, MD


    College: University of Cambridge, United Kingdom 
    Medical School: Imperial College School of Medicine 
    Hometown: London, England

    Bella grew up in a town in the English 'midlands', best known for inventing the sport rugby. She studied natural sciences at the University of Cambridge, before completing medical school at Imperial College in London. She stayed in leafy West London for her UK intern year. During this time, she developed her career interests in pediatric dermatology, after seeing how much skin conditions can affect the quality of life of children and their families, and how genetic skin conditions might unlock wider mechanisms of oncology. She moved to Boston with her husband for a pediatric preliminary year at Massachusetts General Hospital before starting dermatology residency at UMass Chan Medical School this year. Outside of medicine, Bella enjoys tandem bike rides with her husband, walks with their puppy (Heidi) and carbohydrates. 

First Year Residents

  • Mary Awad

    Mary Awad, MD

    College: University of New Hampshire
    Medical School: University of Massachusetts
    Hometown: Boston, MA

    Mary grew up in Hudson, N.H., and attended the University of New Hampshire where she studied biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology. Following undergrad, she worked as a research assistant studying the role of master transcription factors on the epigenetic landscape of varying pediatric cancers at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Cancer Center. She later attended UMass Chan Medical School where she was first introduced to the field of dermatology. She continued to conduct research at the MGH Cancer Research Center with a focus on skin cancer. She is currently completing her intern year at Newton-Wellesley Hospital and is very excited to return to UMMS for residency. Mary is passionate about science, teaching and patient care and she hopes to craft a career where she can be involved in all three interests. Outside of work, Mary enjoys hikes with her dog and husband (bernedoodle and anesthesiologist, respectively), yoga, attending comedy shows, listening to live music, podcasts and exploring new restaurants. 

  • Heather Gochnauer

    Heather Gochnauer, MD

    College: Millersville University
    Medical School: Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University
    Hometown: Lancaster, PA

    Heather grew up with her three sisters and parents in Lancaster, Pa. After studying biology at Millersville University, she worked for two years as a lab manager under Sarah Millar, PhD, in the Department of Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania. She then attended medical school at Temple University. She is now completing her pediatric preliminary year at the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children. Heather enjoys caring for her many house plants, playing soccer, spending time outdoors running and cycling, baking desserts and breads, and eating the many delicious meals her partner prepares. Heather is fascinated by the role of genetics in dermatologic disease and treatment. She is especially excited to care for pediatric dermatology patients.

  • Elana Putterman

    Elana Putterman, MD

    College: Tufts University
    Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine
    Hometown: Palos Verdes, CA

    Elana grew up outside of Los Angeles, Calif., and attended Tufts University, where she studied psychology and Spanish and ran cross-country. After graduation, she decided to pursue a career in medicine and attended the Scripps College Premedical Post-Baccalaureate Program. She then attended Drexel University College of Medicine and completed a research year in pediatric dermatology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. After finishing her intern year at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, where her husband’s family lives, she is thrilled to join us at UMMS for residency! In her free time, Elana enjoys running, spin classes, farmers markets, murder mystery shows, skiing, and hiking with her husband and two cavapoos (Harley and Millie).

  • Sarah Servattalab

    Sarah Servattalab, MD

    College: UMass Amherst
    Medical School: UMass Chan Medical School
    Hometown: Hopkinton, MA

    Sarah grew up close by in Hopkinton, MA and attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst majoring in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Neuroscience. She spent two years after college in the Chistopher A. Walsh Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital studying the genetic etiologies of neurodevelopmental brain malformations. She then attended the UMass Chan Medical School where she recognized her interest in taking care of children. While completing a pediatric residency at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, she discovered her passion for dermatology, and is so excited to return home to UMass Chan Medical School for dermatology residency. Her career goals include becoming a pediatric dermatologist and continuing research in skin of color and racial disparities in pediatric dermatoses. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her fiancé, Mark, and their Chiweenie, Fred. Together they like to hike, bike, spend weekends on the cape, and take Fred on long walks on the Charles River Esplanade. Sarah also loves to cook and is an avid yogi.

Incoming Residents

  • Maggi Ahmed

    Maggi Ahmed, MD, PhD

    College: Al-Manarah academy, Second Secondary College, Saudi Arabia 
    Graduate School: University of Massachusetts, Doctoral of Philosophy 
    Medical School: Faculty of Medicine, Sohag University
    Hometown: Alexandria, Egypt 


    Maggi was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. She attended her medical school in Egypt, where she obtained her master’s degree in dermatology and finished a Dermatology residency training at Sohag University. She decided to pursue a doctoral degree in surgical treatment of vitiligo, so she joined Dr. John Harris’s vitiligo clinic and research center, where she learned how to translate the science discoveries to design new treatment approaches and contributed to forefront dermatological clinical research. She used her skills as a clinician to study new treatments for vitiligo and worked with UMass procedural dermatologists to successfully optimize and modify surgical transplantation as a cutting-edge treatment for patients with pigmentary skin disorders. Maggi successfully earned her clinical and translational PhD degree in dermatology from the University of Massachusetts, and then finished her surgical internship year at the University of Massachusetts.  
    Maggi aspire to be an academic dermatologic surgeon with a focus on surgical dermatology, laser, cosmetic surgery, and pigmentary disorders with particular interest in vitiligo. She loves teaching and medical education. 
    Apart from work, Maggi enjoys spending time with family, driving by the lake, listening to music, flowers arrangement, and reading at Lamar Souter Library. 

  • Colleen Gabel

    Colleen Gabel, MD

    College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Medical School: University of Massachusetts 
    Hometown: Marblehead, MA

    Colleen grew up on the North Shore of Boston in Marblehead, MA. She went to MIT for undergrad where she studied chemistry, and then did a gap year out in Denver Colorado working in the kidney dialysis field (and doing a lot of skiing) before heading to UMass Chan. She did her internship in Boston at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and now is thrilled to be returning to UMass for dermatology residency. She is particularly interested in dermatopathology and complex medical dermatology, as well as teaching and medical education. Outside of work, she loves hanging out with her husband and her Newfoundland dog, Blue. She enjoys skiing, going to the beach, and is an avid scuba diver. 

  • Nicholas Leonard

    Nicholas Leonard, MD

    College: Boston College

    Medical School: University of Massachusetts

    Hometown: Mansfield, MA

    Nick grew up in Mansfield, MA, and attended Boston College where he studied biology. His interest in dermatology began during a gap year position before medical school, where he worked in a local dermatology office and began to understand the wide range of dermatologic conditions and the multitude of treatment modalities that can be offered. He later attended UMass Chan where he expanded his exposure to the field through projects specifically focusing on rheumatology-dermatology, pediatric-dermatology, and dermatologic surgery. He currently completed his intern year at Cambridge Health Alliance and is very much looking forward to rejoining the UMass Derm family. Nick is passionate about mentorship and patient care, and is eager to continue building on both early in dermatology residency. In his free time, Nick enjoys being a foodie with his wife Steph, traveling to new areas, and pretty much any outdoor activity.

  • Lindsay McCormack

    Lindsay McCormack

    College: Wellesley College
    Medical School: University of Massachusetts
    Hometown: Lakewood, New York

    Lindsay grew up in Western New York and attended Wellesley College where she studied English Literature and French. Following undergrad, she worked at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in their Children’s Book department. She later completed a post-baccalaureate program at Harvard Extension School before attending UMass Chan. During medical school, she completed a research fellowship in pediatric dermatology at Boston Children’s Hospital and dermatology for patients living with homelessness at Boston Healthcare for the Homeless. She currently completed her intern year at Metrowest Medical Center and is thrilled to return to UMass Chan for residency. Lindsay’s interests include pediatric dermatology and community work as well as teaching and mentoring. Outside of work, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, yoga, figure skating, reading and travel.