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From the Director

Welcome to The University of Massachusetts Medical School Dermatology Residency Program website! We have had a fully accredited residency program since 1991 and we now have a total of 9 residents, taking 3 each year through the match. We pride ourselves in our supportive collegial environment, our extremely committed faculty, and our very balanced exposure to all aspects of dermatology.

We believe in a strong team approach to patient care. Our resident clinics are almost exclusively continuity clinics which means that residents take ownership of their patients and see them over a prolonged period of time, often for the entire 3 years. As a result, our graduates are completely comfortable working independently when they complete residency. This continuity is rarely found in other dermatology residency programs.

We have a robust conference schedule with several teaching sessions led by our talented faculty every week. This includes an entire Monday morning of conferences, some morning and noontime conferences for a total of 10 hours per week of faculty-led teaching sessions. Our faculty members are nationally known speakers and researchers with varied interests. Many have had extensive leadership training through the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

We have strong formal and informal mentorship programs and a very high placement of residents into fellowships as well as academic departments. Fellowships are offered in procedural dermatology, dermatopathology, and pediatric dermatology. Opportunities for volunteerism exist with our local free clinics, skin cancer screenings, Teddy Bear clinic, and AAD Camp Discovery Connecticut CT. We are currently building a teledermatology presence in the region and are focusing on several resident-driven patient safety initiatives. The AAD chose our residency program and only 4 others in the country to pilot a special curriculum in advocacy beginning in 2018.

Dermatology residency is a special time in your education. At UMass, you have the privilege of sharing that time with an amazing group of bright, hardworking, and kind residents. The lifelong friendships with your fellow residents and faculty members are a special consideration in your journey.

Karen Wiss, MD