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Call and Consult Services

Consult service responsibility rotates every one week with each first year dermatology resident taking 8 weeks of weekday call and 7 weekends per year. Consult service responsibilities are heaviest during the first year. However, the second and third year residents take call during the first few months of the academic year to help the transition for new dermatology residents.

Consult service responsibilities include coverage of all adult and pediatric inpatient consults at the University and Memorial campuses, urgent dermatology clinic visits at the Hahnemann Campus, Emergency Department calls, and phone triage.

The weekly consult resident takes beeper call starting on Monday morning through Friday afternoon with attending backup. After-clinic hours are covered by the resident via home call. Most inpatient consultations take place after morning clinics have finished. Residents with an attending cover weekend and holiday call every ninth weekend from Friday evening until Monday morning.