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Dr. Brian Kelch Receives the Education Service Award, 2024

Every year, the various schools within UMass Chan give out awards to outstanding educators. For the second year in a row, our own Dr. Brian Kelch has been honored with an award! Check out the blog post below to learn more about Dr. Kelch's commitment to education and how it earned him the Education Service Award from the Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Dean Mary Ellen Lane (left) awarding Dr. Brian Kelch (right) with the Education Service Award.

What specific works are you being recognized for?

The Education Service Award is recognition of the work that I’m doing towards our overall educational mission, primarily in my roles as BMB Graduate Program Director and class organizer of the Structural Biology elective course. 

Why is education so important to you?

Training the next generation of scientists is the part of the job that I find most fulfilling. 

Do you have previous educators that you try to emulate in your work today?

There are too many to count, but Francesca Massi and Niko Grigorieff stand out as excellent and engaging educators that I’m very proud to work with.

Any acknowledgements?

I’d like to thank the trainees that I’m honored to work with, and a specific shout-out to Tony Imbalzano for all of his helpful advice. 

Learn more about the other awardees in this UMass Chan News Article link. Learn more about Dr. Kelch's 2023 award at this blog link