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As members of the scientific community, we value the findings of environmental scientists. The health of our future society depends on our current ability to work and live in a green and sustainable manner.  We aim to improve our impact on the environment and to increase environmental awareness.

In pursuit of these goals, we:

  • strive to reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • encourage energy saving habits like turning computers off at night and using revolving doors that minimize the cost of air-conditioning and heating.
  • utilize reusable instead of disposable items and e-mail communications in place of printouts.
  • make purchasing decisions with consideration of environmental impact including energy efficiency. 
  • offset the carbon emissions produced in connection with our seminar series through donations to sustainable energy initiatives.

By raising environmental awareness, we hope that our sustainability efforts will contribute to a brighter, healthier and safer future for all. 

UMass Chan has also adopted an ambitious five-year Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (2021-2026). The full plan can be read here, and more information about campus sustainability can be found here. A discussion of the Sustainability and Climate Action Plan can be heard on an episode of “Voices of UMass Chan” podcast (soundcloud link here, but available wherever you get your podcasts).

Some examples of sustainability initiatives outlined in the five-year plan include:

  • Encouraging utilization of the Surplus with a Purpose (SWAP) program to promote reuse of traditional office supplies and lab equipment.
  • Reducing overall waste disposal by 20% and increasing waste diversion.
  • Supporting and promoting sustainable lab chemical purchasing, reuse and disposal.
  • Holding new construction projects to high sustainability standards (e.g. the New Research Building, which is targeting a LEED Gold certification with zero net energy use).
  • Incorporating energy recovery technology in older buildings (e.g. the Lazare Research Building).