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Outreach Mission Statement

“The Biochemistry & Molecular Biotechnology Department is dedicated to building a better world by fostering understanding and friendships between the world class scientists that work in our department and the community that supports our work. We recognize that it is our honor and privilege to engage in scientific inquiry, and we wish to repay this privilege by sharing our time, abilities, and passion for learning with the members of our local community.

Our goals are to:

Become more effective communicators so we can share the meaning and impact of our discoveries with everyone in our community, including those with little formal science education. We also wish to foster open and meaningful dialog at all levels so that our research can benefit everyone in our society, and so we can learn more about what matters most to those in our Worcester community.

Share our personal experiences as scientists with others interested in pursuing research as a career, helping to attract the best and brightest young minds to our department. We wish to foster a diverse and inclusive research environment where anyone, regardless of background, feels empowered to learn.

Demystify the scientific enterprise to help build trust and relationships where we can donate our time, talents, and expertise to help those in need who are local to the University.

To help achieve these goals, we have established a department-funded Outreach Office dedicated to increasing the accessibility of scientific information, broadening the public perception of who can be a scientist, and developing public outreach programs in Central Massachusetts.”

Dr. Sean Ryder
Professor and Vice Chair of Outreach of Biochemistry & Molecular Biotechnology


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