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Lab Alumni


Heather Arsenault

  Lab Manager, 2012-2023


Julie Ghizzoni

  Research Associate, 2019-2022
  Current Position: Veterinary Technician


Pam Cote-Hammarlof, Ph.D.

  Postdoctoral Fellow, 2020-2021
  Current Position: Assistant Professor, Elms College


Cassie Leech

  Research Associate, 2016-2019
  Current Position: Graduate Student in the Denu Lab at University of Wisconsin, Madison


Ana Gil de Bona, Ph.D.

  Postdoctoral Fellow, 2016-2019
  Current Position: Project Manager at Discovery Life Sciences

  Claudine Mapa, Ph.D.
  Graduate Student, 2013-2018
  Current Position: Project Manager at the Broad Institute


Tyler Doughty, Ph.D.

  Graduate Student, 2011-2016
  Current Position: Senior Scientist at Terragia Biofuel


Ben Landry

  Research Associate, 2010-2013


Ibrahim Ayyash

  Research Associate, 2023


Stanley Yuan

  Summer Undergraduate Researcher, 2023


Ben Godbout

  Undergraduate Intern, 2022 and Research Associate, 2024
  Current Position: Medical Student at the University of Rochester 


Terri Tran

  Summer Undergraduate Researcher, 2019


Kristin Poti

  Undergraduate Intern & MQP student, 2012-2014
  Current Position: Patent Agent at K&L Gates


Kayleigh Gallagher

  Undergraduate Intern, 2014
  Current Position: Senior Scientist at AstraZeneca

    Pamela Stanley
  Undergraduate Intern & MQP student, 2011