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Reagents & Protocols

The dCas9-effector plasmids from our CRISPRe Development paper with the Maehr lab are distributed through Addgene.

Omega-based B1H binding site selection system components described in 2008 in Cell and NAR are available through Addgene.

Reagent list necessary to use the omega-based B1H system for the selection of Zinc Finger Proteins for the creation of ZFNs for targeted gene knockouts as described in our recent paper in Nature Biotechnology. A basic outline for testing the B1H reagents in your hands to confirm that they work before you get started.

We also have developed a Web-based ZFN target sequence analysis tool for identifying ZFN targets in genes and recommending the libraries and oligos that need to be used. A Protocol for ZFP library construction in omega B1H system provides more detailed infomation on the construction of a randomized library using our system.

Alpha-based B1H binding site selection system:

The Strains and plasmids associated with our 2005 Nature Biotechnology paper are now available through addgene at

Additional useful files are provided below: