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Recent Publications

Sher F, Hossain M, Seruggia D, Schoonenberg VAC, Yao Q, Cifani P, Dassama LMK, Cole MA, Ren C, Vinjamur DS, Macias-Trevino C, Luk K, McGuckin C, Schupp PG, Canver MC, Kurita R, Nakamura Y, Fujiwara Y, Wolfe SA, Pinello L, Maeda T, Kentsis A, Orkin SH, Bauer DE. Rational targeting of a NuRD subcomplex guided by comprehensive in situ mutagenesis. Nat Genet. 2019 Jul;51(7):1149-1159. PMID: 31253978

Iyer S, Suresh S, Guo D, Daman K, Chen JCJ, Liu P, Zieger M, Luk K, Roscoe BP, Mueller C, King OD, Emerson CP & Wolfe SA. Precise therapeutic gene correction by a simple nuclease-induced double-strand break. Nature 2019 568(7753):561-565. PMID30944467 PMCID:6483862

Liu, P., Luk, K., Shin, M., Idrizi, F., Kwok, S., Roscoe, B., Mintzer, E., Suresh, S., Morrison, K., Frazão, J.B., Bolukbasi, M.F., Ponnienselvan, K., Luban, J., Zhu, L.J., Lawson, N.D.*, Wolfe S.A.* Enhanced Cas12a editing in mammalian cells and zebrafish.Nucleic Acids Res. 2019 47(8):4169-4180 PMID 30892626 PMCID: PMC6486634

Wu Y, Zeng J, Roscoe BP, Liu P, Yao Q, Lazzarrotto CR, Clement MK, Cole MA, Luk K, Baricordi C, Shen A, Ren C, Esrick EB, Manis JP, Dorfman DM, Williams DA, Biffi A, Brugnara C, Biasco L, Brendel C, Pinello L, Tsai SQ, Wolfe SA, Bauer DE. Highly efficient therapeutic gene editing of human hematopoietic stem cells. Nature Med. 2019 25(5), 776-783. PMID 30911135. PMCID: PMC6512986

Xu S, Luk K, Yao Q, Shen AH, Zeng J, Wu Y, LuoH-Y, Brendel C, Pinello L, ChuiDHK, Wolfe SA*, Bauer DE*. Editing aberrant splice sites efficiently restores b-globin expression in b-thalassemia. Blood2019 133(21), 2255-2262. PMID 30704988PMCID:PMC6533605. Article highlight: 

Amrani N, Gao XD, Liu P, Edraki A, Mir A, Ibraheim R, Gupta A, Sasaki KE, Wu T, Donohoue PD, Settle AH, Lied AM, McGovern K, Fuller CK, Cameron P, Fazzio TG, Zhu LJ, Wolfe SA, Sontheimer EJ. NmeCas9 is an intrinsically high-fidelity genome-editing platform. Genome Biol.2018 19(1):214. PMID: 30518407PMCID: PMC6282386

Swygert, S.G., Senapati, S., Bolukbasi, M.F., Wolfe, S.A., Lindsay, S., Peterson, C.L. SIR proteins create compact heterochromatin fibers. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018 Nov 19. pii: 201810647. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1810647115. PMID30455303

Bolukbasi, M.F., Liu, P., Luk, K., Kwok, S.F., Gupta, A., Amrani, N., Sontheimer, E.J., Zhu, L.J., Wolfe, S.A.*. Orthogonal Cas9-Cas9 chimeras provide a versatile platform for genome editing. Nature Communications 2018 Nov 19;9(1):4856. PMID30451839 

Pulikkan, J.A., Hegde, M., Ahmad, H.M., Belaghzal, H., Illendula, A., Yu, J., O'Hagan, K., Ou, J., Muller-Tidow, C., Wolfe, S.A., Zhu, L.J., Dekker, J., Bushweller, J.H., Castilla, L.H. CBFβ-SMMHC Inhibition Triggers Apoptosis by Disrupting MYC Chromatin Dynamics in Acute Myeloid Leukemia. 2018, Cell. Jun 28;174(1):172-186 PMID29958106 

Gao, X. D., Tu, L.-C., Mir, A., Rodriguez, T., Ding, Y., Leszyk, J., Dekker, J., Shaffer, S. A., Zhu, L. J., Wolfe, S. A., and Sontheimer, E. J. C-BERST: Defining subnuclear proteomic landscapes at genomic elements with dCas9-APEX2. 2018, Nature Methods, 15(6):433-436. PMC6202229

Ou, J., Wolfe, S.A., Brodsky, M.H., Zhu, L.J. motifStack for the analysis of transcription factor binding site evolution. 2018 Nat Methods. 15(1):8-9. PMID29298290

Yin H, Song CQ, Suresh S, Kwan SY, Wu Q, Walsh S, Ding J, Bogorad RL, Zhu LJ, Wolfe SA, Koteliansky V, Xue W, Langer R, Anderson DG. Partial DNA-guided Cas9 enables genome editing with reduced off-target activity. Nat Chem Biol. 2018, 14(3):311-316. PMC5902734

Yin, H., Song, C.Q., Suresh, S., Wu, Q., Walsh, S., Rhym, L.H., Mintzer, E., Bolukbasi, M.F., Zhu, L.J., Kauffman, K., Mou, H., Oberholzer, A., Ding, J., Kwan, S.Y., Bogorad, R.L., Zatsepin, T., Koteliansky, V., Wolfe, S.A., Xue, W., Langer, R., Anderson, D.G.”Structure-guided chemical modification of guide RNA enables potent non-viral in vivo genome editing” Nat Biotechnol. 2017, 35(12):1179-1187  PMID29131148

Ma, L., Boucher, J.I., Paulsen, J., Matuszewski, S., Eide, C.A., Ou, J., Eickelberg, G., Press, R.D., Zhu, L.J., Druker, B.J., Branford, S., Wolfe, S.A., Jensen, J.D., Schiffer, C.A., Green, M.R., Bolon, D.N. “CRISPR-Cas9-mediated saturated mutagenesis screen predicts clinical drug resistance with improved accuracy” Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017, 114(44):11751-11756. PMC5676903

Leonard, J.L., Leonard, D.M., Wolfe, S.A., Liu, J., Rivera, J., Yang, M., Leonard, R.T., Johnson, J.P.S., Kumar, P., Liebmann, K.L., Tutto, A.A., Mou, Z., Simin, K.J. “The Dkk3 gene encodes a vital intracellular regulator of cell proliferation” PLoS One. 2017;12(7):e0181724. PMC5524345

Zhu, L.J., Lawrence, M., Gupta, A., Pagès, H., Kucukural, A., Garber, M., Wolfe, S.A. “GUIDEseq: a bioconductor package to analyze GUIDE-Seq datasets for CRISPR-Cas nucleases” BMC Genomics. 2017, 18(1):379. PMC5433024

Markert, M.J., Zhang, Y., Enuameh, M.S., Reppert, S.M., Wolfe, S.A., Merlin, C. “Genomic Access to Monarch Migration Using TALEN and CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Targeted Mutagenesis” G3 (Bethesda). 2016, 6(4), 905-15. PMC4825660

Yin, H., Song, C., Dorkin, J.R., Zhu, L.J., Li, Y., Wu, Q., Park, A., Yang. J., Suresh, S., Bizhanova, A., Gupta, A., Bolukbasi, M.F. Walsh, S., Bogorad, R., Gao, G., Weng, Z., Dong, Y., Koteliansky, V., Wolfe, S.A., Langer, R. Xue, W., Anderson, D.G., “Therapeutic genome editing by combined viral and non-viral delivery of CRISPR system components in vivo” Nat. Biotechnology 2016, 34(3), 328-33. PMC5423356

Bolukbasi, M.F., Gupta, A., Oikemus, S., Derr, A.G., Garber, M., Brodsky, M.H., Zhu, L.J., Wolfe, S.A.. "DNA-binding-domain fusions enhance the targeting range and precision of Cas9". Nature Methods , 12:1150-1156 (2015). PMC4679368

Ma, H., Naseri, A., Reyes-Gutierrez, P., Wolfe, S.A., Zhang, S. and Pederson, T.  “Multicolor CRISPR Labeling of Chromosomal Loci in Human Cells” PNAS 2015, 112(10), 3002-3007. PMC4364232

Kok, F. O., Shin, M., Ni, C-W., Gupta, A., Grosse, A. S., van Impel, A., Kirchmaier, B., Peterson-Meduro, J., Kourkoulis, G., Male, I., DeSantis, D.F., Sheppard-Tindell, S., Ebarasi, L., Betsholtz, C., Schulte-Merker, S., Wolfe, S.A., Lawson, N.D. “Reverse genetic screening reveals poor correlation between Morpholino-induced and mutant phenotypes in zebrafish” Dev Cell 2015, 32(1), 97-108. PMC4487878

Weicksel, S.E., Gupta, A., Zannino, D.A., Wolfe, S.A., Sagerström, C.G. “Targeted germ line disruptions reveal general and species-specific roles for paralog group 1 hox genes in zebrafish.” BMC Dev Biol. 2014 Jun 5;14(1):25. PMC4061917

Gupta, A., Christensen, R.G., Bell, H.A., Goodwin, M., Patel, R.Y., Pandey, M., Enuameh, M.S., Rayla, A.L., Zhu, C., Thibodeau-Beganny, S., Brodsky, M.H., Joung, J.K. Wolfe, S.A.*, Stormo, G.D.* “An improved predictive recognition model for Cys2-His2 zinc finger proteins” Nucleic Acids Res. 2014 42(8):4800-12. PMC4005693 *Co-corresponding author

Kearns, N.A., Genga, R.M.J, Enuameh, M.S., Garber, M., Wolfe, S.A.*, Maehr, R*. “Cas9 effector-mediated regulation of transcription and differentiation in human pluripotent stem cells” Development 2014, 141(1):219-23. PMC3865759 *Co-corresponding author

Kazemian, M., Pham, H., Wolfe, S.A., Brodsky, M.H., Sinha, S., “Widespread evidence of cooperative DNA binding by transcription factors in Drosophila development.” Nucleic Acids Res 2013, 41(17):8237-52. PMC3783179

Cheng, Q., Kazemian, M., Pham, H., Blatti, C., Celniker, S.E., Wolfe, S.A., Brodsky, M.H., Sinha, S., “Computational identification of diverse mechanisms underlying transcription factor-DNA occupancy.” PLoS Genetics 2013, 9(8) e1003571. PMC3731213

Enuameh, M.S., Asriyan, Y., Richards, A., Christensen, R.G., Hall, V.L., Kazemian, M., Zhu, C., Pham, H., Cheng, Q., Blatti, C., Brasefield, J.A., Basciotta, M.D., Ou, J., McNulty, J.C., Zhu, L.J., Celniker, S.E., Sinha, S., Stormo, G.D., Brodsky, M.H., Wolfe, S.A., “Global analysis of Drosophila Cys2-His2 zinc finger proteins reveals a multitude of novel recognition motifs and binding determinants.” Genome Research. 2013, 23(6), 928-40. PMC3668361.

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Zhu, C., Gupta, A., Hall, V.L., Rayla, A.L., Christensen,  R.G., Dake, B., Lakshmanan, A., Kuperwasser, C., Stormo, G.D., Wolfe, S.A. “Using Defined Finger-Finger Interfaces as Units of Assembly for Constructing Zinc Finger Nucleases” Nucleic Acids Res. 2013, 41(4), 2455-65. PMC3575815

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