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Binding Site Database



Alpha-based B1H binding site selections (Meng, Brodsky & Wolfe Nat. Biotech 2005)

Binding sites for the following factors were determined (click factor for aligned sites):

Unaligned Selected Binding sites for these factors

Omega-based B1H binding site selections for 84 fly Homeodomains (Noyes, Christensen, Wakabayashi, Stormo, Brodsky & Wolfe Cell, 2008, 133, 1277)

Aligned binding sites for 84 D. melanogaster homeodomains

PWMs for 84 D. melanogaster homeodomains

Omega-based B1H binding site selections for 36 fly TFs many involved in A-P patterning (Noyes, Meng, Wakabayashi, Sinha, Brodsky & Wolfe, S.A. Nucleic Acids Research, 2008, 36, 2547)

PWMs for 36 D. melanogaster TFs plus additional factors incorporated into GenomeSurveyor

Aligned selected binding sites and for non-homeodomain A-P factors from D. melanogaster

Unaligned selected binding sites and factor information for 36 D. melanogaster TFs