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Center for Tobacco Treatment Research and Training (CTTRT) Blog

Tobacco Treatment at Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare in Saudi Arabia, a Partnership with CTTRT

February 27, 2018
By:  Wafa Alazmi

Wafa AlazimIn 2005, Health Promotion Unit (HPU) conducted an employee health screening survey. It revealed that 25% of Saudi Aramco employee self-reported that they are using at least one form of tobacco. HPU pioneered the first behavior-based Saudi Aramco Smoking Cessation Program: 'Bridging to Quit'  for the company employees and their families. This program aims to reduce and control tobacco use prevalence among Saudi Aramco beneficiaries. It also help in preventing the initiation of tobacco use and create smoke-free grounds through a phased approach. The program includes a wide range of interventions. They include; hospital-based clinics, corporate-based interventions, policy change, and employee training by offering Smoking Cessation Facilitator workshops.

In 2011 Saudi Aramco Medical Services Organization took the initiative to transform its facility into a smoke-free facility. Dhahran Health Center was announced a Smoke-Free Hospital, followed by the rest of Saudi Aramco’s health centers in 2012. The Smoking Cessation team achieved certification in Tobacco Dependence Treatment via UMASS TTS training program. This was a major milestone for the program since the training enhanced the team’s skills and knowledge.

Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Company* (JHAH) smoking cessation program aims to be one of the regional leaders in tobacco control.  JHAH also  aims to becoming a world-class authorized training center of excellence. JHAH’s HPU is delighted to partner with the University of Massachusetts Center for Tobacco Treatment Research and Training. This collaboration qualifies JHAH to implement the comprehensive, evidenced-based UMass Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training Program. This program provides the training required to allow healthcare providers to be credentialed in tobacco treatment practice. Healthcare providers such as nurses, physicians, social workers, respiratory therapists and health educators have attended the training.********

* Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare Company (JHAH) is the result of a joint venture  between Saudi Aramco and Johns Hopkins Medicine. JHAH was launched in 2014. Saudi Aramco is a world leader in energy, and Johns Hopkins Medicine, one of the world’s leading academic health systems.