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Testimonials - What Participants Say About Our Training Programs

The Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training and the Training for Trainers has been invaluable to our community. Our county has a higher rate of tobacco use than our state or the nation. Addressing tobacco addiction has become a priority as we have worked to transform our health care delivery system. And with a greater focus on prevention. UMASS TTS training provides the skills and tools our health care providers need. They are able to improve their confidence and capacity to address tobacco dependence. The trainings have been especially important for our behavioral health providers.  These providers see the need to address tobacco but frequently lacked skills to feel confident in addressing it.

Jennifer Webster, MA, MPH
Sr. Community Health Analyst
Prevention Program, Lane County Public Health

Having UMass Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) training is a historical event. For both our health care providers in Saudi Arabia but also to other gulf countries. UMass CTTRT is the first to provide our trainees with up-to-date evidence based and online access to tobacco treatment training. Over the last three UMass TTS trainings conducted in Saudi Arabia, we have trained more than 80 Saudi trainees. Some trainees have been from Kuwait and Bahrain. UMass TTS is becoming the cornerstone in tobacco training in our region.

Mohammed AlAhmari, PhD, RRT, CTTS, FAARC
Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences
Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

One thing I’d like to address is the 480 hour counseling requirement for RTs. While other health professions have lesser time requirements: At first glance this requirement may seem unfair. But I needed every bit of that time to gain proficiency in counseling patients about their tobacco use. The average RT curriculum of a CoARC-accredited educational program does not contain a module on behavioral and cognitive therapeutic strategies. And certainly not more than a brief mention about motivational interviewing. While I believe respiratory therapist is in a perfect position to counsel patients, most need to perfect their counseling approach. Curricula from other institutions offering tobacco intervention training do not have these rigorous requirements for certification as a CTTS. I am proud that I earned my CTTS from UMASS!

Erna Boone, DrPH, RRT, CTTS, FAARC

I did enjoy the course and have used it several times now in practice. It was one of the best adult education courses I have ever taken. Thank for putting out such a useful, well-formatted program.

Rebekah Sherman
Harbor Health Services, Inc.
Dorchester, Massachusetts

I am looking at starting a comprehensive smoking cessation program at my current oncology practice. This is because we have a lung cancer screening program. This class helped me identify the best cessation options. Provided information to help engage the smoker in reasons why they smoke, and how they can change these behaviors.

Basic Skills training participant

I thoroughly enjoyed this fabulous course! The use of graphics, charts, links to sites, and inclusion of history made this course outstanding (and memorable).  

Basic Skills training participant

I currently work with individuals impacted by SPMI & poverty. Many use tobacco & most are deeply ambivalent about quitting. I am thankful for the MI overview & practical skills training I received.

TTS Training Participant

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