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Accredited Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training

Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) Training Program

Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) Training Program

The Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) Training is the cornerstone of the educational activities in the Center. The program began in 1999, offering training exclusively to Massachusetts providers. In 2001 it was expanded to include participants from outside of the state. And in 2003 we began providing the training at out-of-state venues.

tts trainingTTS Core Training 
This intensive evidence-based training program, is a hybrid course consisting of;

      (1) a 10 hour online portion (TTS Training Part 1) and
      (2) a 3 day in-person session (TTS Core Training part 2).

Successful completion of this 2-part training qualifies as training requirement to apply for the National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice. The training is for people who deliver moderate to intensive tobacco treatment services within a health care or community setting. The curriculum addresses a set of core competencies for tobacco treatment specialists. The core competencies were first defined by the Massachusetts Certification Steering Committee in 1998. Later, they were further defined by the Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence (ATTUD). Scholarships may be available for individuals working with certain at-risk populations in Massachusetts. Please contact us at for more information.

Note:The online portion, TTS Training Part 1, must be completed before attending the 3 day in-person session. Please note: if you have completed Basic Skills for Working with Smokers in the past you still need to complete the online TTS Training Part 1.

Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training Program Accreditation. University of Massachusetts Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) Training Program is accredited by Council for Tobacco Treatment Training Programs (CTTTP). The Umass TTS training program provides equal opportunity and access to all applicants. Regardless of age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability and veteran's status. The University of Massachusetts adheres strictly to all applicable state and federal regulations relating to nondiscrimination and equal opportunity.

Other Tobacco Dependence Treatment Trainings Offered by Our Center

Tobacco Basic Skills Online TrainingBasic Skills for Tobacco Treatment - This is a self-paced, online course. It's designed for health workers who want to be well-grounded in the theory and practice of working with tobacco users. It also provides an introduction to the basic concepts of tobacco treatment for those performing brief interventions or unable to take the more intensive TTS Training course.  This course is a stand-alone course and is not required to be taken prior to taking the TTS Training course. Completion of this course WILL NOT qualify as the training requirement to apply for the National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice (NCTTP). If you are interested in becoming a Tobacco Treatment Specialist and applying for the NCTTP, please take the TTS Training Course.  

The Train the Trainer in Tobacco Treatment (T4) Program This is an intensive 2-day training that's designed for qualified participants wishing to become Certified UMass Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) Trainers. Certified UMass TTS Trainers will be eligible to coordinate and deliver the UMass Tobacco Treatment Specialist Core Training. Once certified, the Certified Umass TTS Trainers can conduct the TTS core training at a site of their choosing. Applicants must be affiliated with a non-profit agency that wishes to train local health care providers. The T4 training is offered once a year in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Other Tobacco Treatment Programs & Resources

The Center also offers a selection of other trainings for health care providers. The trainings are for providers offering a range of tobacco treatment services, from brief interventions to intensive treatment. In addition to our scheduled trainings, we can deliver our TTS Core Training at your location. We can develop a customized training to meet your needs. We also have a list of tobacco treatment specialist continuing education opportunities. These are brief continuing education credit offering trainings and opportunities offered by the Center. We have also listed continuing education credit opportunities offered by several other tobacco treatment organizations.