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TTS Continuing Education

The Center has provided TTS Core Training and customized trainings for many groups across North America. Our protocol is designed to share our knowledge and help build capacity in other areas.

TTS Core Training:

Tobacco Treatment Specialist Trainings map

- This training can be delivered at the location of your choice. We'll provide our standard curriculum, materials and at least one instructor. Your local experts can be involved by delivering selected portions of the curriculum. Completion of Basic Skills for Working with Smokers is required for all participants.
- We have adapted the TTS Core Training for providers in mental health settings, Indian Health Services, and rural communities.

Examples of other trainings include:

  1. How To Conduct Tobacco Treatment in a Group Setting. A course for TTSs and health workers with experience in cognitive/behavioral treatment strategies and pharmacotherapy in tobacco dependence. 
  2. Helping Patients Quit Tobacco Use: An Overview. This 1.5 hour session was designed to help primary care providers understand the benefit of addressing tobacco use.
  3. Helping Patients Quit Tobacco Use. This 4 hour session was designed to help primary care providers develop skills to use when intervening on tobacco use.
  4. Train the Trainer – Helping Patients Quit Tobacco Use. Participants in this 3 day training received all materials for the 1.5 hour session described above. Additional background information about tobacco use, adult learning principles and hands on experience was also delivered at the training.
  5. Advanced Intake, Assessment and Treatment Planning. This 5 hour TTS continuing education session provides a review of the key components of intake, assessment and treatment planning. Participants will have hands-on opportunities to analyze challenging tobacco treatment case studies.

Check our listing of TTS Continuing Education for additional trainings that can be delivered or adapted for your participants.