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Commuter Survey Winners Announced

A big thank you to all on campus who took the online commuter survey through last month’s Growing Green email. It was the first time that UMass Chan Medical School tried an online tool, rather than a manual process, to gather data about campus commuting patterns and it proved to be a great success. 

Over 1,600 people completed the survey, exceeding the threshold needed for the results to be acceptable to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) which requires large employers in the state to conduct periodic commuter surveys. 

As promised, everyone who completed the online survey was entered in a drawing for six cool prizes—free parking for a month or a $25 gift card. And the winners are: 

For a free month of parking: 
1. Cynthia Lindgren, Orthopedics and Physical Rehabilitation 
2. Daniel Kilpatrick, Microbiology and Physiological Systems 
3. Dana Deforge, Disability Evaluation Services 

Receiving $25 gift cards: 
1. Janel Milner, Orthopedics and Physical Rehabilitation 
2. Susan Rousseau, Disability Evaluation Services 
3. Scott Leblanc, Cell Biology 

Data from commuter surveys of large employers help the Commonwealth plan and implement commuter programs and transportation projects. By providing their real-world experiences, participants help to refine priorities for public investments that reduce road congestion and emissions from commuting. Information gathered from the UMass Chan survey is now being analyzed. Noteworthy findings will be reported in a future Growing Green email newsletter