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Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Murphy, KC and Ruscetti, M. Advances in Making Cancer Mouse Models More Accessible and Informative Through Non-Germline Genetic Engineering. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med. 2023 Jun 05. 

Zhou, L. & Ruscetti, M. Senescent macrophages: A new “old” player in lung cancer development. Cancer Cell. 2023 07 10; 41(7):1201-1203.

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Chibaya, L*, Snyder, J*, and Ruscetti, M. Senescence and the tumor-immune landscape: Implications for cancer immunotherapy. Semin Cancer Biol. 2022 Nov; 86(Pt 3):827-845.

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Ruscetti, M*, Morris, JP IV*, Mezzadra, R*, Russell, J, Leibold, J, Romesser, PB, Simon, J, Kulick, A, Ho, YJ, Fennel, M, Li, J, Norgard, RJ, Wilkinson, JE, Alonso-Curbelo, D, Sridharan, R, Heller, D, de Stanchina, E, Stanger, BZ, Sherr, CJ, and Lowe, SW. Senescence-induced vascular remodeling creates therapeutic vulnerabilities in pancreas cancer. Cell. 2020 04 16; 181(2):424-441.e21.

Ruscetti, M*, Leibold, J*, Bott, M*, Fennell, M, Kulick, A, Salgado, NR, Chen, CC, Ho, YJ, Sanchez-Rivera, FJ, Feucht, J, Baslan, T, Tian, S, Chen, HA, Romesser, PB, Poirier, JT, Rudin, CM, de Stanchina, E, Manchado-Robles, E, Sherr, CJ, and Lowe, SW. NK cell-mediated cytotoxicity contributes to tumor control by a cytostatic drug combination. Science. 2018 12 21; 362(6421):1416-1422.