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  • Marcus Ruscetti

    Marcus Ruscetti , Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor, Molecular Cell and Cancer Biology Department

    B.A. University of Virginia
    M.A. Johns Hopkins University
    Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles
    Postdoc Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

    Marcus is originally from Frederick, Maryland, and has traveled from coast to coast for his scientific training before happily settling in Massachusetts. Marcus is interested in studying the interactions between intrinsic tumor suppressor pathways and extrinsic immune pathways in solid tumors, with the ultimate goal to inform new therapies for cancer patients. He is also excited about building and mentoring a diverse and inclusive lab made up of talented and enthusiastic students, technicians, and postdocs.

    Hobbies: Hiking, Snowboarding (especially après ski), Dad Jokes

  • Lin Zhou

    Lin Zhou , Ph.D.


    B.A. Jiangsu Ocean University
    M.A. Soochow University
    Ph.D. University of Groningen
    Joined to the Ruscetti lab in 2022 

    Lin is originally from Jiangsu, China. She is interested in harnessing cellular senescence for cancer immunotherapy. Her project focuses on understanding the role of senescence in prostate cancer initiation, progression, and therapy responses. 

    Hobbies: Reading, photography

  • Kat Murphy

    Kat Murphy , B.S.

    Graduate Student

    B.S. Boston College
    Joined the Ruscetti Lab in 2020

    Kat is interested in studying ways in which to induce effects on the intrinsic immune landscape of solid tumor types to enhance the effectiveness of immunotherapies for cancer patients. Currently, she is investigating the role of senescence in enacting these effects in prostate cancer. 

    Hobbies: Reading, drawing, and writing

  • Kelly DeMarco

    Kelly DeMarco , B.S.

    Research Associate 

    B.S. University of Massachusetts Amherst 
    Joined the Ruscetti Lab in 2021 

    Kelly has been a lifelong resident of Massachusetts. She joined the Ruscetti lab to discover more about the role of cellular senescence in regulating tumor suppressor pathways and overall immune function. She is particularly interested in harnessing senescence to develop potential immunotherapies for cancer patients. 

    Hobbies: Skiing, ice hockey, and painting 

  • Chaitanya Parikh

    Chaitanya Parikh , M.Biotech.

    Graduate Student

    B.Biotech. VIT University, Vellore, India
    M.Biotech. Texas A&M University
    Joined to the Ruscetti lab in 2022 

    Chaitanya is originally from India and moved to the US to pursue a Master's in Biotechnology at Texas A&M University. Eventually, he called the East Coast his home and took a research assistant position at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City. Big city life didn't suit him well, so he moved to UMass Chan Medical School in Worcester for graduate school. He is intrigued that current immunotherapies though effective in other cancers, are ineffective in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) patients. As a graduate student in Ruscetti Lab, he is working to develop novel mRNA-based immunotherapy strategies for pancreatic cancer. 

  • Boyang Ma

    Boyang Ma , B.S.

    Graduate Student

    B.S. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Joined the Ruscetti lab in 2023

    Boyang grew up in China and had his undergraduate education at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  His interests lie in improving current immunotherapy for cancer patients, as well as developing novel approaches.  His projects focus on studying the crosstalk between senescent cancer cells and the tumor microenvironment at primary and metastatic sites.

    Hobbies:  Cooking, photography, trail and mountain biking, hiking

  • Shreya Roy Chowdhury

    Shreya Roy Chowdhury , Ph.D.


    BSc University of Calcutta
    MSc University of Calcutta
    Ph.D. University of Calcutta
    Joined the Ruscetti lab in 2023

    Shreya is originally from Calcutta, India.  She has been working in cancer biology since her Ph.D. days.  She moved to the United States to pursue her postdoctoral training.  She was at the Medical College of Wisconsin for over a year before moving to UMass Chan Medical School.  She is working on CRISPR-based genome-wide screening to identify druggable candidates to enhance the efficacy of imunotherapies in cold tumor subtypes.

    Hobbies:  Travelling, reading, and singing.

  • Haruka Mori

    Haruka Mori , B.S.

    Graduate student (co-mentored with Prabhani Atukorale)

    B.S. George Mason University
    Joined the Ruscetti lab in 2024

    Haruka is originally from Nagoya, Japan. She is interested in designing therapeutics and delivery systems. Her project focuses on developing nanoparticle-based combinatorial strategies for pancreatic cancer patients. 

    Hobbies: Baking, crafting


  • Yvette Lopez

    Yvette Lopez , M.Sc.

    Research Associate

    2020 - 2021 

  • Jarin Snyder

    Jarin Snyder , M.Sc.

    Graduate Student

    2021 - 2022

  • Sachliv Chana, B.S.

    Sachliv Chana, B.S.

    Research Associate

    2022 - 2023

  • Loretah Chibaya

    Loretah Chibaya , Ph.D.


    2020 - 2023