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We are always looking for motivated and curious scientists and clinicians at all levels to join our team and work in a collaborative, diverse, and team-focused environment!


Projects are available for Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences students interested in (a) developing new senescence-inducing or senolytic approaches to active anti-tumor immunity and immunotherapy efficacy in solid tumors and (b) designing innovative mouse models to identify genes contributing to immune suppression and metastasis in cancer. Through these projects students will be exposed to and learn a variety of techniques, including cloning, tumor cell line and organoid culture, drug screening, NK cell and T cell co-culture assays, qPCR and cytokine array analysis, Western blotting, mouse modeling techniques, and downstream tumor analyses (dissection, flow cytometry, histology and immunohistochemistry, and RNA-sequencing). Please contact Dr. Marcus Ruscetti directly to discuss potential projects in more detail. Students will be engaged in a highly interactive environment and participate in weekly lab meetings, Journal Clubs, and functions through the Cancer Biology Program and MCCB department. At the end of the rotation students will present their work to the lab.


Postdoctoral fellow positions are available for candidates with recent Ph.D. and/or M.D. degrees in Cancer Biology, Genetics, Immunology, or related fields. Applicants should be highly motivated with strong molecular biology skills, cell culture experience, and at least one first-author publication. Mouse experience is preferred but not required. Applicants should send their CV, summary of previous research, reprints of relevant publications, and the names of three references to Dr. Marcus Ruscetti.

Undergrads and Interns

Undergraduate students from colleges and universities in Massachusetts interested in participating in our research are welcome to join our young and exciting team. We also have openings for Summer interns, and WPI students looking for a MQP project are encouraged to apply as well. We welcome enthusiastic students from diverse backgrounds in biology, computer science, and engineering to apply. Please send an email to Dr. Marcus Ruscetti if you are interested, including your CV and describing your background, research interests, and future goals.

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