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Titan Krios

A Typical cryoEM Workflow on Titan Krios

Titan Krios

  • 1 hours to setup scope to check basic alignments and scope performance by checking Tho rings under specific image condition.
  • 1 hour to load your sample
  • 1-2 hours to collect map aliases for 4-5 or your grids
  • 2-3 hours to collect medium mag montage maps for 10-20 promising meshes

The medium mag montage maps can be loaded on remote customer sites to view the quality of the ice, etc.. Remote user can pick the interested locations/holes by clicking on the maps loaded locally. And the final coordinate file (*.nav) is sent back to Krios to be merged on exist navigator list.

 The movie frames collected will be aligned in-fly and the aligned sums will be sent to remote user to evaluate the image and sample quality. If remote transferring is available, the aligned sums will be sent to user site continuously during the whole session.

When data collection is finished, the Thon Ring is checked again using the same image conditions as initial check.