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The Cryo-EM facility will host two high-end Transmission Electron Microscopes from FEI company.

The first microscope is a Titan Krios received in collaboration with UMass Chan and Harvard Medical School. This is one of the most well designed, sophisticated high voltage (300kV) TEM in the world. It has not only superb electronic optical system, but also capability to handle cryo specimen sample for automatic, stable and long time data collection. Titan Krios is equipped with the latest Gatan Image Filter (GIF) and Gatan K2 Summit direct electron detector. This combination allows better electron signal to be recorded. This configuration is currently the ideal setup for high resolution, low-dose and cryo-electron microscopy for both single particle and tomography applications.

The second is a new model also from FEI - Talos-Arctica, running at 200kV,  purchased by HHMI. It is based on robust FEI Tecnai system with better, Titan-like objective lens system. Similar to the Titan Krios instrument, it also has an autoloader system to handle multiple cryo specimens. Talos-Arctica will also be equipped with Gatan’s K2 Summit direct electron detector for the best quality image acquisition.

The facility also has additional equipment for sample preparation, including two FEI  Virtobot model Mark IV.


Chen Xu, PhD

Director, Massachusetts Facility
High-Resolution Electron Cryo-Microscopy
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology