Tobacco Prevention and Treatment - Provider Materials

The Hooked on Nicotine Checklist
(HONC) and Scoring the HONC

Learning About Healthy Living Guide: Tobacco and You
This group treatment manual has a module for those with serious mental illness who have not previously considered quitting tobacco; and a module for those ready to quit.

Massachusetts Department of Mental Health- Healthy CHANGES Initiative
Treatment Planning Guide
This guide has resources that can be downloaded for posters, handouts, treatment manuals, and educational curricula.

Measure of Nicotine Dependence
Two quick questions that can provide an indication that high nicotine dependence may be present.

Tobacco-Pack Wraps  
Tool to log the activity, emotion and level of “need” associated with each cigarette of the day.

UMass Memorial OurNet 
Adult Nicotine Withdrawal Clinical Practice Guidelines 
Nicotine Dependence Treatment NS ORDER 0536 
QuitWorks Referral form

2008 Public Health Service Guideline- Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence:  2008 Update
This update includes new, effective clinical treatments for tobacco dependence and the latest information to help people quit smoking.