Stress Management

Meditation The Stress Management page provides information and resources to support wellness interventions with patients/clients.

Addressing Stress Management is Important

When our perceived demands outweigh our perceived ability to cope, we start to show signs or symptoms of stress:

headaches – muscle tension – palpitations – panic attacks – diarrhea – low self-esteem – depression – fatigue –anger – phobias – overeating – drinking – smoking – sleeping problems – obsessive behavior

The heavier and more prolonged the load of demands and the less we can deal with them, the more serious our symptoms are likely to be. However, by improving our life skills, we can readjust the balance. This reduces signs or symptoms and results in better management of stress. Mindfulness meditation is one skill that we can take with us at every moment. It has been shown to reduce depression, anxiety, heart rate, blood pressure, and pain.

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