General Health and Wellness - Provider Materials

Academy for Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care
Searchable database of integration literature.

IBHP Tool Kit for Primary Care-Mental Health Collaboration
The Tool Kit is designed to help primary care clinics and government mental health agencies forge collaborative relationships.  The 180-page Tool Kit provides practical, operational advice, forms, strategies and prototypes for integrating mental and physical services.

Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health Care in Medicaid:  An Online Toolkit

Multicultural Resource Directory for Central Massachusetts
The directory provides information on translation/language services; free clinics and community health centers; general resources; and resources for Latino, Asian, GBLT, deaf/hearing impaired, and immagrant/refugee populations.

Massachusetts Department of Mental Health- Healthy CHANGES Initiative
Treatment Planning Guide
This guide has resources that can be downloaded for posters, handouts, treatment manuals, and educational curricula.

National Network of Libraries of Medicine
Consumer health information in many languages.

Wellness Tracking Sheet -developed by the UMass Department of Psychiatry Health Psychology Program.