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Room Options

Classroom configurations are based upon how the walls in the room are setup. Each wall controls which podium can be used for room activity. The images below show which podium would be active in each room setup. 

Full Room

In full room setup, all walls are raised. The podium in rooms B will become the master. 

(If you would prefer to use podium C when using the entire iTLC space please e-mail:  Communication Technologies  or call 508-856-3938)

3 Room Combination

When rooms B,C & D are combined, Room C podium will become the master. Room A will master itself.

When rooms A,B & C are combined, Room B podium will become the master. Room D will master itself.

Separate Room

When rooms are separated from another. The podium in each room will act as it's own. 

2 Room Combination

With a 2 room combination the podiums in room B & C will be the master.

No Food or Beverages Allowed!

Please help by enforcing this safety and maintenance rule - one spill can be very costly!