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  • Briana Jones, DO  (she, her, hers)

    Briana Jones, DO (she, her, hers)

    Academic Role: PGY-4

    Hey, I’m Bri. I was born and raised in Portland, Ore. I went to University of Oregon for undergrad (Go Ducks). After I graduated, I took a gap year and worked as a live-in nanny for a family in Spain, and then as a physical therapy aide. From there, I moved across the country to Maine for medical school and loved New England! I really wanted to train at a program where it felt like a family and I have definitely found that at UMass Chan Medical School. I am so proud to be part of such a wonderful group of individuals that value and support advocacy and reproductive health justice. When I’m not working, you can find me backpacking, hiking, gluten free baking or having face mask nights with my co-interns!

  • Ciarra Nickerson, MD  (she, her, hers)

    Ciarra Nickerson, MD (she, her, hers)

    Academic Role: PGY-4

    Hi, I’m CiCi! I was born and raised on Cape Cod, Mass. After growing up in this small community, I wanted to go somewhere completely new for college. I ended up at William & Mary in Virginia, where I majored in kinesiology & health sciences. I loved my time in Virginia but was very happy to return to Massachusetts to work as a scribe for one year prior to starting med school at UMass Chan Medical School. I absolutely loved my time at UMass Chan as a student and really feel that this is a special place with a fantastic community. I especially enjoyed all of my OB/GYN rotations here and appreciated the exposure to family planning, advocacy, and working with patients with substance use disorders. What I loved most though, was the camaraderie amongst residents and attendings. I am so thrilled to be staying at UMass Chan for my residency training! When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my family back on the Cape, watching New England sports, kayaking on Lake Quinsigamond, reading, and watching HGTV.

  • Allison Payne, DO (she, her, hers)

    Allison Payne, DO (she, her, hers)

    Academic Role: PGY-4

    Hi, I'm Allie Payne! I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and went to undergrad at Stanford University. There, I worked on a research team investigating adolescent eating disorders, which sparked my interests in both reproductive and mental health. I went to medical school at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences in Yakima, Washington, where I developed a passion for care in rural and underserved populations. I transferred to UMass in my second year of residency, and am so happy to be a part of the warm and welcoming community and learning environment here. My interests (inside, outside, and around medicine) include family planning, sex education, mental health, massage therapy, cooking, and talking walks with my husband and 1-year old kiddo.

  • Aashna Saini, MD  (she, her, hers)

    Aashna Saini, MD (she, her, hers)

    Academic Role: PGY-4

    Hi! My name is Aashna and I am one of the four interns living in a nearby apartment complex (come visit our pool anytime!!). I actively avoid the very nice gym we have there but otherwise I enjoy socializing with friends, binging Netflix, pretending I have the patience for yoga, hiking, soccer, and pre-Covid activities like traveling and going to Beyonce concerts (that’ll probably never happen again, but a girl can dream). I’m originally from Weston, Mass. I escaped my hometown to go to North Carolina for undergrad at Duke to pursue a major in neuroscience / Coach K (#gobluedevils). I made my way back to the cold for medical school at Tufts in Boston. I decided the cold was good for me and enjoyed having home cooked meals (thanks Mom!), so UMass Chan Medical School was perfect for me. Other than the obvious fact that the people here are supportive and wonderful (they really are), UMass Chan has a great deal to offer. Being in the second biggest city in New England and with UMass Memorial being the main hospital in this area, we have a very busy labor and delivery floor and case load. We rotate almost entirely at UMass Memorial , so throughout the four-year residency you really get to know the amazing nurses, scrub techs, attendings and people of the UMass Chan family (also we have EPIC, what more could you ask for?)! The patient population is also incredibly diverse (I’ve used my Spanish way more than I ever have in the past!) and as an academic program, the opportunities to pursue research and/or global health projects are unlimited. If you’re still reading this (I’m impressed if you are), I am interested in pursuing a fellowship in GYN surgery, but it’s my first month of intern year and I’m really just enjoying finally being a resident (it gets better, I promise!!).

  • Rachel Taylor, MD  (she, her, hers)

    Rachel Taylor, MD (she, her, hers)

    Academic Role: PGY-4

    Hi, I’m Rachel! I grew up in Central New York. For undergrad, I went to the University of Rochester, where I studied microbiology and Russian lit. I completed an internship at AIDS Community Resources in Syracuse, N.Y., where I first learned about harm reduction counseling and developed an interest in health care! I spent a year working as a medical assistant for a dermatology office in Wellesley, Mass. before attending Case Western Reserve School of Medicine. I really wanted to come back to Massachusetts for residency and was so excited to match at UMass Chan! In my free time, I enjoy going to Boston to visit friends, reading, playing board games, and exploring restaurants and breweries as a newcomer to Worcester!