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  • Hannah Caldwell, MD

    Hannah Caldwell, MD

    Academic Role: PGY-2

     Hi, everyone! I’m Hannah. I am so excited to be back home for residency after five years in Chicago! I mostly grew up in Massachusetts with a five year stint in rural France that left me quite fond of cheese and bread. I attended Brandeis University and studied psychology and education in undergrad. I then worked as research coordinator for a few years before starting at UChicago for medical school, where I solidified my interest in both medical education and women’s health. I am so energized by the creativity, camaraderie, and collaboration I see every day at UMass, and I am excited for the opportunity to care for patients in such a supportive learning environment. In my free time, I like baking, podcasts, bad karaoke, playing with my three cats, and gardening.


  • Rachael Clark, MD Th.M

    Rachael Clark, MD Th.M

    Academic Role: PGY-2

    Hi! I’m Rachael (aka Clarkie) and am really excited to have matched at UMass. I grew up in California and then went Duke for Undergrad, where I studied global health and public policy. I loved the opportunities to advocate for health equity, including working with rural farmworkers in North Carolina to improve access to health insurance, and doing research in rural Tanzania on cervical cancer prevention. After undergrad I got a master’s degree in Theology and worked as a chaplain at Duke Hospital. I was particularly interested in end-of-life care and the intersection of medicine and theology in end-of-life care. I went to Case Western Reserve for medical school, where I fell in love with the field of OB/GYN. I enjoy the combination of public health, family planning and acute surgical care in OB/Gyn. I love the camaraderie at UMass and the diverse patient population we serve.  When I’m not at work I love hiking, hanging out with my co-residents and pursuing artistic endeavors –my newest projects include starting a new quilt and making scrub caps. 

  • Jaslyn Kindel, MD

    Jaslyn Kindel, MD

    Academic Role: PGY-2

    Hey there. I am Jaslyn and I'm from Flint, MI. During undergrad at University of Michigan-Flint, I fought for my neighbors by educating the community and organizing services to build unity on and off campus. It was then I discovered my passion to build connections between groups by using art as the centerpiece. As a student at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, I bloomed into the doctor I am today while serving those who poured into me in my youth. There, I realized sexual freedom and reproductive and racial justice are my main interests in medicine. I took the opportunity to expand my horizons by choosing residency at UMass. The best thing about that choice is the atmosphere here - besides amazing patient care, it truly is the team's priority to allow space for learning. However, this is just one of the things that makes serving Worcester a resident's greatest blessing. The seven hills of this city boast diverse cultures and landscapes that feed my soul when I'm off-duty. I love making time to let the wind guide my paintbrush, then taking my dog for a scoop of ice cream. My friends say I make the best chocolate chip cookies, but I love making homemade alfredo sauce. As I settle down into life as a Masshole, I'm looking forward to making new friends and letting the Woo guide me down my path.

  • Jessica Kloppenburg, MD

    Jessica Kloppenburg, MD

    Academic Role: PGY-2

    Hello! My name is Jess Kloppenburg. I am originally from Massachusetts and went to college in DC (Hoya Saxa!) where I studied neurobiology. After college, I moved back to MA and worked as a clinical research coordinator for two years on a dementia and aging study. I went to UMass Chan Medical School where I completed a combined 5-year MD/MS program. I fell in love with OB/GYN during my third-year clerkship and completed my MS research thesis on outcomes of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy in rural vs. non-rural areas. I loved the diverse patient population we get to take care of in Worcester, the strong family planning training, and the close relationships between residents and faculty, private attendings, and nurses and so I was thrilled to match at UMass for residency. Given my interest in research, education, rural health, and the full scope of OB/GYN care, I envision practicing as an academic generalist or rural private OB/GYN. Outside of the hospital, I love to spend time outdoors (hiking, trail running, biking, XC skiing, downhill skiing) and eating great Worcester food and drinking yummy tea, coffee, and Treehouse.

  • Kimberly Reimold, MD

    Kimberly Reimold, MD

    Academic Role: PGY-2

    Hi y’all! My name is Kim. I was born in Boston but grew up in Dallas, Texas. I returned to the northeast to attend Harvard for college and haven’t left Massachusetts since! After college, I spent two years working in health policy research before attending medical school here at UMass. I absolutely love my UMass and Worcester community and am so excited to be staying at UMass for residency (with my husband who is a psych resident). I love spending time outdoors in my free time, whether hiking, running, paddle boarding, or gardening.