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  • Hannah Caldwell, MD

    Hannah Caldwell, MD

    Academic Role: PGY-1

    Balcony gardening guru.  Learned the art of squeezing an absurd number of herb and vegetable plants into a 5x10ft space while still leaving room to sit and drink tea.   Amateur interior design: Fell in love with the process of creating homey spaces for herself and others through organization, crafting, and refinishing thrift store finds. Honorable mentions: Karaoke, culinary podcasts, journaling, watercolor, baking (and baking shows!) 

  • Rachael Clark, MD Th.M

    Rachael Clark, MD Th.M

    Academic Role: PGY-1

    Quilting is one of her favorite hobbies, learned in a vocational course in high school. Every year She starts a new quilting project, usually a blanket for a child to give away as a gift. The largest project thus far was a queen-size quilt for a friend, made up of over 1,000 pieces of fabric. Also, love painting and other fine arts, and in May held a solo exhibition of her work at the Cleveland Clinic Health Education Campus. Her work can be viewed at 

  • Jaslyn Kindel, MD

    Jaslyn Kindel, MD

    Academic Role: PGY-1

    Enjoys painting (acrylic), poetry, any form of visual and performing arts
    Does Reading for fun; currently enjoying "The Beauty in Breaking: A Memoir" by Dr. Michelle Harper.  Loves traveling, cooking and eating food, and outdoor activities, such as swimming, hiking, kayaking, and tubing. Has a dog named Gabby


  • Jessica Kloppenburg, MD

    Jessica Kloppenburg, MD

    Academic Role: PGY-1

    Enjoys outdoor activities, especially trail running, mountain biking, road biking, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, and hiking.  Also loves cooking and baking.  Her favorites include rosemary focaccia, brown butter chocolate chip cookies, and experimenting with extravagant holiday baking recipes.  Enjoys reading, especially world and historical fiction.  She is part-time dog walker and sitter.

  • Kimberly Reimold, MD

    Kimberly Reimold, MD

    Academic Role: PGY-1

    Enjoys discovering the city by bus, trying out new recipes and restaurants, listening to podcasts, and completing crossword puzzles.  Running - 2015 Chicago Marathon finisher turned intermediate distance runner. Loves Soccer - former player and dedicated USWNT fan.  Begonia maculata propagating - it's the gift that keeps on giving. She enjoys cooking and baking.  Enchiladas and cinnamon rolls are her favorites.