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PacBio Core Enterprise

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    The PacBio Core Enterprise operates a Pacific Biosciences Sequel II* Instrument with the newest version of the run chemistry (read lengths over 50kb) and SMRT Link data analysis. The service includes (as a package deal): library construction from submitted DNA or RNA, sequencing of one SMRTcell, and quality filtering/run metrics. Multiplexing is available using either internal PacBio Barcoded Universal Primers (for amplicon libraries) or PacBio Barcoded Adapters. Additional bioinformatics options are available for a fee. Please contact us about your project. We'd love to work with you!

The PBCE is closely united with the Deep Sequencing and Molecular Biology Cores, and all three Cores work together to provide streamlined sample analysis services. Click on the logos at the left to visit the websites of the other facilities.

*Why not the IIe?
The Sequel IIe is the same instrument platform as the Sequel II. There are no differences in chemistry, imaging, or performance between the two instruments. The difference lies in additional computer nodes for the IIe to add on-board analysis for institutions that do not have access to high-performance computing. The downside is that any analysis is performed automatically and only the final results are delivered off the instrument. The PBCE has access to a computing cluster, so using the Sequel II gives us the capability to run flexible and custom analyses, as well as deliver pre-analysis files to customers who perform their own bioinformatics.

Pricing, Support, and Other Details
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For a copy of the service ticket, sequencing pricing list, details on specific services, scheduling, or a quote for services, please email us here.
The Core provides service to both internal and external customers. For small and medium businesses, the Massachusetts State Innovation Voucher Program offers help to access to Core facilities in the UMass system.
Information about grant support letters can be found on our Grant Support page.
The PacBio Core Enterprise would be pleased to have you mention us in the acknowledgements section of any publications or presentations of data generated with our support. Our Research Resource Identifier is RRID:SCR_017702.

Join Email List or Send a Suggestion
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Contact us if you would like to be added to our PacBio email list for news and service updates.

We try to keep our Resources section relevant. If you have a protocol or publication that you found useful, or a request for something you think would be beneficial on the website, please email us at

Other Useful Information
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Drop-off locations:
Samples can be left in the labeled fridges at these locations
for 11:00 AM pickup each business day:
Biotech2 outside Suite 207
LRB 6th floor mailroom
We are also available by appointment if you need to visit with us.
Our shipping address for off-campus customers is
Rose-Gordon Bldg. Rm. 141, 222 Maple Ave, Shrewsbury, MA, 01545.

Pricing and Payment Policy
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Please email to get a quote for your desired services.

Processing and analyzing a sample requires time and reagents. Payment for these services is the responsibility of the user submitting the sample and should be rendered in a timely fashion. In the event of a reagent or equipment failure, the samples will be rerun at the next possible opportunity at no additional charge.

Clients withdrawing samples prior to the analysis run will be charged a fee to recover QC assay costs. For the return of archived post-analysis samples, clients will be charged a delivery fee per sample.

A signed submission ticket or email authorization indicates that the holder of the account to be charged consents to payment in accordance with this policy.

Inclement Weather Policy
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In case of extreme and/or inconvenient weather or campus closures, the machines will still be running but we may not be here for sample login, pickup, or delivery. Please email us to arrange for sample drop-off if the weather is questionable. The PBCE, DSCL, & MBCL are closed when UMass Chan is on "inclement weather alert".

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