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Optimizing conditional allele construction

We are currently working to optimize approaches to generate conditional alleles for cell- and stage-specific gene knockout in zebrafish. We have chosen to rely on Cre/lox for targeted deletion in manner similar to mouse. To generate the loxP-flanked alleles, we are relying on the Hoshijima et al (2015) approach, with several improvements that have we have identified.

The links below include a recent IZFS webinar with our results so far in making and applying conditional alleles in zebrafish. Also included is a PDF of questions from the webinar with our responses. We hope to have a manuscript put together soon and will submit to bioRxiv as soon as it's ready. . .

Download Nathan's 9/28/2021 IZFS webinar: PDF 

Questions and answers from 9/28/2021 webinar: PDF