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Zebrafish Antibodies

We have generated a number of polyclonal antisera against zebrafish proteins involved in vascular development. These include antibodies against two endothelial-specific transcription factors, Etv2 and Fli1b, as well as two receptors for vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), Kdrl and Flt4 (also known as Vegfr-3). All of these have been used successfully for whole mount immunostaining, while some are also useful for Western analysis. 

We have recently partnered with Kerafast to provide a commercial source for these antibodies. Therefore, if you would like to use these antibodies for your research, they can be obtained from Kerafast. The links for each antibody is listed below.

Anti-Fli1b Antibody

Anti-Etv2 antibody

Anti-Flt4 antibody

Anti-Kdrl antibody


The following are protocols that we use for wholemount antibody staining. Protocol 1 is generally applicable to all of the antibodies above, as well as pERK, Prox1, etc. Protocol 2 is for use with antibodies from R&D, in particular those against Tie2 and Efnb2.

Protocol 1

Protocol 2