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Clinical Care

Our Infectious Disease specialists treat and consult on a wide range of conditions including bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic infections. Our physicians have expertise in bone and joint infections, central nervous system infections, Lyme Disease, and other tick-borne diseases, chronic or refractory infections, fever of unknown origin, tuberculosis, travel and tropical medicine, HIV and chronic Hepatitis B and C, and infections that occur as a result of a treatment in a hospital or hospital-like setting, and infections in the immunocompromised host such as patients who have received solid organ or stem cell transplants. Physicians from the Infectious  Disease division work with the UMass Memorial Medical Center Staff and direct efforts to prevent healthcare-associated infection and promote Antibiotic Stewardship. In addition to Worcester, we see patients at Health Alliance-Clinton Hospital

Tuberculosis Clinic (Getchell Ward Program)

A Tuberculosis Clinic (Getchell Ward Program) within our Memorial ID clinic site works in conjunction with the state Department of Public Health and city and town health departments to provide coordinated treatment to patients with latent or active tuberculosis. Tuberculosis medications are supplied by the state and at no cost to the patient.

HIV/AIDS Patient Care

UMass Memorial Medical Center is the largest medical provider in Central Massachusetts for patients with HIV/AIDS. Staff, the majority of whom have over a decade of experience working in the field, offer consultation and/or primary care for people living with HIV or AIDS. Our medical providers offer consultation and/or primary care services for people living with HIV or AIDS, with great attention given to cultural and linguistic differences. In addition, specialists at UMass Memorial hospitals and ambulatory clinics offer a wide range of treatments for other infectious diseases.

Several of our physicians specialize in care and treatment for patients co-infected with HIV and hepatitis C. 

Our HIV program is partially funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Infectious Diseases contracts and Federal grants (Ryan White Part C) that help us deliver multidisciplinary HIV care including medication adherence, mental health, HIV Primary care, suboxone treatment, anal dysplasia, and women's services. Case management staff assists patients with health insurance eligibility and enrollment, and facilitates referrals to other supportive services such as AIDS service organizations, housing programs, and immigration assistance. 

A Nurse Practitioner offers Pre and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PReP and PEP) to non-HIV-infected patients.

Hepatitis C Care and Treatment

Infectious disease providers offer evaluation and treatment for people with Hepatitis C with referrals to the Hepatology clinic for those in the advanced stage or those with cirrhosis. The ID providers work with the patient to stage the illness and with the patient’s insurance to obtain authorization for medication when indicated.

Travelers Health Service

The UMass Memorial Travelers Health Service is an outpatient service within the ID clinic that is dedicated to disease prevention, education, and post-travel illness evaluation for international travelers. Our infectious disease specialists and nurse practitioners provide a comprehensive service with individualized counseling regarding the necessary health precautions, immunizations, medications, and medical care to prevent travel-related illnesses and help ensure a safe and rewarding travel experience. UMass travel professionals are knowledgeable regarding current concerns on emerging and established disease agents worldwide.  

All aspects of safe trip planning such as medical evacuation coverage, possible high altitude-related illness, and accessing care in locations around the world are provided. 

Wound Clinic  

Infectious Disease faculty work closely with plastic surgery specialists in a multi-disciplinary clinic assessing and treating complex wound patients who require therapy for bone and diabetic foot infections. Patients cared for in conjunction with our vascular surgery colleagues as clients of our limb preservation service are also seen in this clinic as part of their multi-disciplinary treatment.

Transplant Infectious Diseases

Our transplant Infectious Disease specialists work with the Solid Organ Transplant Program and the Hematology/Oncology Division to provide care to immunocompromised transplant recipients with liver, kidney, pancreas, and stem cell or bone marrow transplants. They see the patients pre or post-transplant as members of the care team and often synchronize appointments with the patient’s other providers.

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