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A Letter From Our Program Director


Thanks for taking the time to look at our program. Over the past few years, the COVID pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the need for expertise in clinical infectious diseases, and our group has been critical to the outbreak response in central Massachusetts. Our division has been involved in cutting-edge research since the beginning of the outbreak, and our fellows have been central to the hospital response. It is both a time of great challenge and a great opportunity to pursue ID, and we are excited to take on new recruits.

We aspire to provide our trainees with a strong foundation in all aspects of clinical infectious diseases and familiarity with the science that underpins our subspecialty. Our division is comprised of more than twenty full-time and nearly fifty adjunct faculty, with a wide variety of clinical and research expertise. In particular, we have robust programs in transplant medicineantibiotic stewardshipinfection control, and for those who have a more basic scientific bent, innate immunology and virology. We prepare our fellows to succeed in their career path of choice, with our graduates pursuing careers in academia, community medicine, government, and other fields utilizing their ID expertise.

We work closely with our fellows to tailor the fellowship experience to your individual needs and facilitate experiences that can advance your career goals. In recent years we have had fellows perform CMV research in Kenya, provide clinical consultations in Brazil, work on the molecular immunology of TB infection, and pursue Master's level coursework, among many other research and clinical projects.

Please feel free to email Diana or myself with any questions you have about our program.

Thanks for stopping by!

Fellowship Director, Infectious Diseases and Immunology
Assistant Professor of Medicine