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Space Description

The interprofessional Center for Experiential Learning and Simulation (iCELS) is the culmination of a comprehensive expansion of our original simulation program, established in 2006. Our facility located in the Albert Sherman Center on UMass Medical School's campus in Worcester, Mass. is designed as a comprehensive, campus-wide resource that brings together all simulation modalities in a single, centrally located and readily accessible state-of-the-art facility.

iCELS serves the spectrum of health professions, medical specialties, and the continuum of learners from students to residents and trainees, and practicing professionals. The facility and our expert faculty are available to our colleagues throughout New England.

Space Features

With over 24,000 square feet, iCELS is a fully multidisciplinary, interprofessional center, housing a comprehensive array of simulation programs, services, resources, and technologies. Designed for flexibility and adaptability, the space can be specifically configured to create the customized educational milieu that replicates the look and feel of an authentic practice environment to best meet learning needs.

The iCELS training space features:

  • Two clinical skills suites (3- and 8-bed capacity)
  • Two technical  skills training labs  (for "wet" lab specimens and dry lab computer-based technology)
  • Four team-based scenario rooms
  • 20 patient care exam rooms
  • One cardiac skills task training room featuring Harvey
  • Nine multifunctional task-training/debriefing/conference  rooms
  • CAE LearningSpace, a comprehensive audiovisual and center management system that integrates captured audio, video and performance data in a web-based format. This enables instructors and students to view videos and data onsite and remotely — for immediate debriefing and ongoing feedback.

Our inventory includes:

  • A full range of high fidelity manikins from newborn to adult
  • More than 10 types of task trainers
  • Virtual skills trainers
  • Harvey, the cardiopulmonary patient simulator 
  • Anatomage virtual dissecting table
  • Diagnostic ultrasound
  • Defibrillators
  • Complete standard fixtures and equipment needed to simulate an unlimited  number of clinical scenarios

Floor Plans

Our faculty and staff are happy to work with you to create the settings your personalized training program requires. Take a look at our floor plans for an overview of the space.