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iCELS Faculty & Educator Development Program

iCELS collaborates with a variety of professionals in the development and facilitation of our educational programs to ensure that teams, tools, and processes are developed and implemented in support of high-quality simulation experiences including faculty members and clinical instructors from T.H. Chan Medical School, Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing and UMass Memorial Health. Starting in Academic Year 2023-2024 in a rolling fashion, all individuals facilitating simulation in iCELS will be required to complete the Introduction to Simulation-based Education module observe a simulation session or recording.

Vision, Mission & Core Belief
Educators: Important Information
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iCELS/  UMass Chan
Frequently Asked Questions

Vision, Mission & Core Belief


Better Outcomes through Simulation


Innovating solutions for today’s challenges across clinical and health sciences research, professional education, and healthcare delivery

Core Belief

Everyone engaging with iCELS deserves respect, brings valuable experience, welcomes diversity and is invested in improving outcomes.  

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Educators: Important Information


Welcome to iCELS! Our 24,000 sf experiential learning space is located conveniently on the UMass Chan campus in Worcester, MA with easy access from across the region or local airports.  iCELS spans two levels of the Albert Sherman Center (ASC) with spaces that are customizable to deliver realistic simulation of ambulatory, emergency and inpatient facilities including an operating room and multi-patient settings.  Spaces have been configured to represent registration and waiting areas, research labs, home or public settings and can mimic functional or disaster sites.  Our team works collaboratively with clients to maximize the use of space, facilities, equipment, standardized patients, manikins and services, to deliver a simulated healthcare environment that best suits their needs.  Click here to learn more about our space and take a virtual tour.

iCELS Audio/Visual Recording

As a part of the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School’s commitment to improving patient outcomes in the Commonwealth, all sessions occurring within the interprofessional Center for Experiential Learning and Simulation are subject to audio and video recording.  Such files in the forms of photographs, slides, movies, audio or video recordings are used for educational and quality assurance purposes.


Ensuring that our simulation programs meet quality education standards is crucial to achieving your learning objectives, iCELS goals and our shared mission.  For this reason, iCELS has developed a quality assurance process through which simulation programs are be periodically audited by video or in-person review utilizing a standard model.  While iCELS collects program evaluation directly related to our processes, we ask that collaborating programs share learner evaluation data to contribute to this QA process, confirm that learning objectives are met and inform ongoing review and revision.  As part of our faculty support and QA process, iCELS has created an independent learning module (ILM) focusing on the basics of simulation.  All facilitators working in iCELS are required to complete this brief ILM to help orient them to iCELS and build a common foundation for simulation best practice.  This standardized orientation undergoes periodic adjustment and will soon include in-person or video observation of a model simulation.  In addition, we are crafting a simulation faculty development progression for those interested in further developing their skills.  

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Click "Start Course: to open iCELS Simulation Facilitator Faculty Development Series (Part 1) Course Module - Please complete the Qualtrics Survey at the end to receive credit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: Jun 16th, 2023

About Faculty & Educator Development Program Courses for iCELS Educators

Who can participate in the iCELS Faculty / Educator Development Program?

All individuals assisting in the delivery of simulation-based learning activities in UMass Chan Medical School iCELS are required to complete the Introduction to Simulation-based Education module and observe a simulation session or recording, prior to the start of a simulation session. All staff, faculty and learners are invited to complete our ILM and if interested in further learning opportunities please contact

What education standards are these courses designed to?

As members of the Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) and the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), iCELS utilizes the best practice standards promoted by these international organizations.  ASPE and SSH documents are accessible through the suggested resources section above. Our team also incorporates educational principles and practices as adopted by UMass Chan and initiatives such as the Diversity, Representation and Inclusion for Value in Education (DRIVE) program.