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iCELS Simulation Lab Inventory

UMass Chan Medical School iCELS offers a wide range of clinical inventory, medical task trainers, high-fidelity human patient simulators, as well as virtual and digital learning simulators from industry-leading companies. Our inventory is available for in-center use or can be checked out by faculty for in-situ use in the hospital. However, as we are always updating and expanding our inventory, prior to your simulation session please check in with us for the most updated listing. We look forward to running a successful simulation session with you!

Clinical Inventory

• DaVinci Si Surgical Console and Simulator (1)
• SimScope (Auscultation Learning System) (2)
• Ventriloscope (Auscultation Learning System) (1)
• GI Mentor Simulator (Bronchoscopy, EGD & ERCP, Colonoscopy) (1)
• EGD (Esophagogastroduodenoscopy) Cart (1)
• Surgical Cautery (4)
• Surgical Microscopes (2 Table Mounted, 1 Freestanding)
• Storz Laparoscopy Tower (5)
• Glidescope (1)
• Defibrillators:  Lifepak 20 (3), Lifepak 15 (1)
• LUCAS Automatic Compression System (1)
• Ultrasound: FUJIFILM SONOSITE, Inc (3), Butterfly (6)
• Doppler: Handheld audio Doppler (10)
• Code Carts
   Adult (3)
   Pediatric Color Coded (1)
• Airway Cart (1)
• Portable Suction (4)
• Portable Procedure Lights (3)

Medical Task Trainers & Low Fidelity Manikins

Task trainers and low fidelity manikins replicate parts of a patient so that a skill or procedure can be practiced. Trainers can be used on their own to teach a skill or they can be combined with high fidelity manikins or standardized patients in hybrid simulation.

  • Laerdal® Airway Management Trainer (2)
  • Laerdal® Neonatal Airway Trainer (1)
  • Gaumard ® Advanced Airway Trainer S315.400 (6)
  • TruCorp AirSim Advance Airway and Bronchi (6)
  • TruCorp AirSim Child (6)
  • TruCorp AirSim Baby (6)
  • Laerdal® Adult IV Insertion Arms (6) Pedi IV Insertion Arms (4)
  • Gaumard® Urinary Catheter/Prostate Trainers (4)
  • Gaumard® Urinary Catheter Female (2)
  • Laerdal ® Little Family Pack Adult/Pediatric/Infant CPR manikins (2)
  • Ambu CPR Manikins (6)
  • Kyoto Kagaku Lumbar Puncture (4)
  • Simulab Corporation Lumbar Puncture Baby (1)
  • Laerdal® Gastric Tube and Tracheostomy Trainer (2)
  • Laerdal® Mr. Hurt Head Trauma Trainer (1)
  • Laerdal® PROMPT Birthing Simulator (2)
  • BluePhantom Ultrasound Compatible Central Venous Catheterization Trainer (2)
  • Simulab Corporation TraumaMan Surgical Skills Trainer (2)
  • Simulab Corporation TraumaChild Surgical Skills Trainer (1)
  • Simulab Corporation Ultrasound Compatible Central Venous Catheterization (3)
  • Limbs and Things Open Inguinal Hernia Repair Trainer (6)
  • Limbs and Things Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair Trainer (2)
  • Limbs and Things Shoulder for Joint Injection (1) •Limbs and Things Knee for Aspiration (1)
  • Limbs and Things Rectal Examination Trainers (2)
  • Limbs and Things Advanced Urinary Catheterization Trainer (4 Male, 4 Female)
  • Limbs and Things Clinical Pelvic Exam Trainers (2 Male, 2 Female)
  • Limbs and Things Breast Exam Trainers (2)
  • Laparoscopic Surgery Abdominal Black Boxes (6)

High-Fidelity Full Body Human Patient Manikins

Gaumard® Simulators for Health Care Education

  • Preemie Hal® (1) Tetherless premature infant with wireless communication
  • Hal® 3201 (2) Tetherless Male/Female Patient simulators with automatic or instructor control
  • Susie® S2000 (1) Tetherless Female Patient simulator with automatic or instructor control
  • Noelle®565 (1) Birthing simulator with neonatal simulation system
  • Pediatric HAL®3004 (1) Tetherless One Year Old with wireless communication
  • Pediatric HAL®3005 (1) Tetherless Five Year Old with wireless communication

Laerdal® Helping Save Lives

  • SimMan3G® (2) Full-body adult
  • SimMan® (1) Full-body adult
  • SimBaby™(1) Advanced Infant patient simulator
  • SimNewB® (1) Interactive newborn Infant patient simulator
  • MegaCode Kid (2) Full-body child
  • (Formerly of Michael S. Gordon, Center for Research in Medical Education) Harvey® The Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator which realistically simulates nearly any cardiac disease by varying blood pressure, heart sounds, murmurs and breath sounds.


Anatomage is a life-size interactive virtual dissection table. Realistic visualization of 3D anatomy augments traditional anatomy lab experiences. Students are able to view preloaded images as well as actual CT or MRI images.

Last Updated: Jan 13th, 2021