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Consulting to Create Customized Simulations

Consulting to Create Customized Simulations

UMass Chan Medical School’s interprofessional Center for Experiential Learning and Simulation (iCELS) collaborates with departments and faculty, both from UMass Chan and external organizations, to deliver an exceptional depth of resources and professional services grounded in the use of our facilities and services, to serve the needs of medical, nursing, and allied health clinician, educator, as well as researcher communities.

Holding extensive experience in providing assessment, consultation, and support in running simulation sessions in and beyond our immediate geographical location, our team is ready to collaborate on new projects with you to customize or develop curriculum, build scenarios, create skills workshops, and teach you how to use the equipment as well as carry out effective debriefing to meet learning goals and objectives. Talk to us today about the right mix of sim modalities to meet the needs of your learners. 

Create Your Own Customized Healthcare Simulation

  • Customized curriculum and assessment development, using appropriate simulation modalities including:
    • Virtual & Digital Learning
    • Medical Task Trainers
    • Surgical Skills Trainers
    • High-Fidelity Full Body Human Patient Manikins (Mannequins)
    • Standardized Patients (SPs)
    • SPs as Physical Exam Instructors
    • SPs as Genitourinary Instructors
    • SPs as Patient Models
    • Hybrid Simulations involving combinations of modalities
  • Simulation programs that target specific learner level’s needs and are customized to meet their defined learning objectives, including:
    • Clinical reasoning and problem solving
    • Patient communication skills
    • Surgical, procedural and technical skills
    • Team training and crisis management
    • Diagnostic learner assessment and remediation
  • Creation of team-based Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses that promote patient safety, improved patient care and health care quality for your team

  • Faculty development and technology training programs
  • Logistical development and implementation
  • Reporting and interpreting of learning outcomes 
  • Advancing scholarly efforts by collaborating with staff on related research
  • Research collaboration
  • Industry partners’ process and device usability testing as well as human factor testing

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Whom We Serve

The UMass Chan Medical School iCELS team is familiar with a broad range of clinical areas - from primary care and palliative care to surgical and interventional specialties, and for treating patients of all ages, from neonatal care through geriatrics. Our scope of service addresses all learner groups, including students, residents, trainees, allied health professionals, practicing clinicians and first responders.

Our programs feature interprofessional collaboration representing the spectrum of health profession degrees and certifications, including those in the roles of: 


    Department Chairs 
    Chief Residents
    Medical School Learners/Medical Students
    Student Interest Groups
    Emergency Medicine Providers
    Physician Assistant Students
    Nurse Practitioner Students
    Nursing School Learners/Nursing Students
    Pharmacy Students
    Physical Therapists
    Occupational Therapists
    Social Work Students


    Faculty Members


    Research Assistants


    Chief Quality Officers 
    Practice Managers
    Hospital Staff Leaders


    Medical Product Manufacturers 
    Medical Product Sales Representatives
    Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives


    Video Production Companies /Creative Agencies /Advertising Agencies


  • We are also actively involved in serving the educational needs of the three schools in our academic health sciences center — the UMass Chan Medical School, Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing and Morningside Graduate School for Biomedical Sciences.

  • Beyond traditional medical specialties, iCELS can also serve interprofessional learning by working with trainees in:
    • Flight Medicine
    • Respiratory and Occupational Therapy
    • Veterinary Medicine
    • Pastoral Care
    • Substance Use Disorder Counseling
    • Law Enforcement

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Our Approach

UMass Chan Medical School iCELS is home to a multi-modal simulation lab that leverages a wide range of assets – including in-house facilities, services, and expertise – to meet the intended outcomes of the simulation session. Using a process of backwards design, by starting with the end goal in mind, our Simulation Educators and Specialists work with faculty to design simulation experiences that take full advantage of the available assets.

For example, if the desired learning outcome is competence in placing a Central Venous Catheter, a partial task trainer would be utilized. This ultrasound-compatible torso model allows learners to practice the Central Venous Catheter insertion procedure. However, if the intended outcome was to recognize the need for central access in a complex critically ill patient, a full body simulator with a vital signs screen would be more appropriate.

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Let's Collaborate

To get started, please complete the online form on our reservations page to register your request with iCELS. An iCELS team member will follow up with you within one week of receiving the request. After the initial contact, our assigned iCELS team member may suggest a follow-up meeting to discuss all equipment/resource/technical needs. If you need more immediate assistance, please email: Our goal is to efficiently engage you and your team in an effective simulation session.

Contact Us Now 
Consulting & Creation of
Your Customized Simulation Sessions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated Sep 26th, 2023

About iCELS Consulting to Create Customized Simulation Sessions

How much experience does UMass Chan Medical School iCELS have in creating customized simulations?

Since the beginning of simulation activities in our medical school in 1982, we have been a keen collaborator on customized projects with medical schools and organizations in the region. 

How soon can a customized project be created?

After submitting an inquiry, you will hear back from us in a week. From there, we will work with you and take into considerations the availability of space, equipment, as well as participants' schedules, to determine a best date and set your customized session up for success.

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