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frequently asked questions

NursingExpo frequently asked questions 

The questions below were asked by students who have attended the NursingExpo

Q: Is there an age requirement to become a certified nursing assistant?

A: The age requirement varies between 16-18 years old. See the link below for more information and check with your local Red Cross for training opportunities. 

Q: When I graduate from high school can I enter nursing school right away?

A: Yes! You will need to decide which program you prefer. Options include becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN by earning an associate or bachelor’s degree). 

Q: Do you feel like all the school & money spent to get into the medical field was worth it?

A: Yes, but everyone’s educational path is different. It depends on private vs. public school and the costs vary widely. If you receive grants, scholarships and awards it can greatly decrease your out of pocket costs or loans. The field of nursing is resilient. We work through financial downturns and like the COVID-19 pandemic we make valuable contributions in the lives of patients 

Q: I have heard about something called pre-nursing tests like TEAS. I have not found any undergrad nursing programs yet that require this type of test. 

A: TEAS = Test of Essential Academic Skills. This may be used as an admission requirement for some nursing or allied health programs. Check directly with each school to learn about their admission requirements.