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PhD Fall Start

BSN, MS and DNP to PhD


  • An Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher is preferred
  • Master's GPA 3.0 or higher is perferred


  • Statistics (has not time limit B- or higher)

Letter of Recommendations 
Preferred within the last five years

Submit 2 letters of recommendation from an academic or professional source

  • A professional reference should be from a supervisor or professional colleague who can speak to your experience, competence, readiness, leadership, work ethic and dedication to your work.
  • An academic reference should be from a former faculty member or advisor.

Personal Statement (500 word total)

  • Why are you pursuing a PhD to become a nurse scientist?
  • What do you see as nursing's professional responsibility to society?
  • How might you address this responsibility with your PhD preparation?
  • Why is this a good time for you to begin a PhD program?