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Dale L. Greiner, PhD  (Selected Publications)

Survival advantage of both human hepatocyte xenografts and genome edited hepatocytes for treatment of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. 

Borel, F., Q. Tang, G. Gernoux, C. Greer, Z. Wang, A. Barzel, M..A. Kay, L.D. Shultz, D.L. Greiner, T.R. Flotte, M.A. Brehm, and C. Mueller. 
Molecular Therapy, 25:2477-2489, 2017.

Alloimmune responses of humanized mice to human pluripotent stem cell therapeutics. 
Kooreman, N.G., P.E. de Almeida, J.P. Stack, R.V. Nelakanti, S. Diecke, N.Y. Shao, R.J. Swijnenburg, V. Sanchez-Freire, E. Matsa, C. Liu, A.J. Connolly, J.F. Hamming, P.H.A. Quax, M.A. Brehm, D.L. Greiner, L.D. Shultz, and J.C. Wu. 
Cell Reports 20:1978-1990, 2017.

Long term glycemic control using polymer encapsulated human stem-cell derived beta-cells in immune competent rodents.
Vegas, A.J., O. Veiseh, M. Gurtler, J. Millman, F. Pagliuca, A. Bader, J.C. Doloff, J. Li, M. Chen, K. Olejnik, H.H. Tam, S. Jhunjhunwala, E. Langan, S. Aresta-Dasilva, S. Gandham, J.J. McGarrigle, M.A. Bochenek, J. Hollister-Lock, J. Oberholzer, D.L. Greiner, G.C. Weir, D.A. Melton, R. Langer and D.G. Anderson.  
Nature Medicine 22:306-311, 2016

Cell-Extrinsic MHC Class I Molecule Engagement Augments Human NK Cell Education Programmed by Cell-Intrinsic MHC Class I.  
Boudreau, J.E., X.R. Liu, Z. Zhao, L.D. Shultz, D.L. Greiner, B. Dupont, K. C. Hsu.  
Immunity 45:280-291, 2016.

Humanized mouse model of mast cell-mediated passive cutaneous anaphylaxis and passive systemic anaphylaxis. 
Bryce, P.J. R. Falahati, J. Leung, C. Bebbington, N. Tomasevic, R.A. Krier, C.L. Hsu, L. Covassin, L.D. Shultz, D.L. Greiner and M.A. Brehm. 
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 138:769-779, 2016.

Retrovirus spread involves CD169/Siglec-1 dependent trans-infection of permissive lymphocytes.
Sewald, X., M.S. Ladinsky, P.D. Uchil, J. Beloor, R. Pi, T.T. Murooka, C. Herrman, N. Motamedi, M.A. Brehm, D.L. Greiner, L.D. Shultz, T.R. Mempel, P.J. Bjorkman, P. Kumar, W. Mothes.  
Science, 350:563-567, 2015

Generation of functional human pancreatic β cells in vitro.
Pagliuca, F.W., J. R. Millman, M. Gurtler, M. Segel, A.V. Dervort, J.H. Ryu, Q.P. Peterson, D. Greiner, and D.A. Melton.  
Cell, 159:428-439, 2014.

Humanized mice for immune system investigation: progress, promise and challenges.
Shultz, L.D., M.A. Brehm, J.V. Garcia-Martinez, and D.L. Greiner.  
Nature Reviews Immunology, Online October 12, 2012; 12:786-798, 2012.

Human lymphoid and myeloid cell development in NOD/LtSz-scid IL2r gamma null mice engrafted with mobilized human hematopoietic stem cells.
Shultz, L.D., B.L. Lyons, L.M. Burzenski, B. Gott, X.Chen, S. Chaleft, M. Kotb, S.G. Gillies, M. King, J. Mangada, D.L. Greiner, and R. Handgretinger.
J. Immunol. 174:6477-6489, 2005